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February 10, 2010

Climategate: MoveOn.Org's Triple Whopper

Topics: Climate Change, Climategate, Environment, Global Warming

Although the air quality in the United States has improved dramatically over the past 40 years, the far-left MoveOn.Org folks want you to believe that breathing the air is like being a pack-a-day smoker - broadcasting disinformation in this TV ad bashing Senators Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), Ben Nelson (D-NB), and Mary Landrieu (D-LA):

For those not wanting to watch the video, the ads show little leaguers, a mother and her bottle-feeding infant, track athletes, and even a mother giving birth all smoking cigarettes. As images of these subjects flash by, the text of the ads say:

While Senator Landrieu [or Lincoln, or Nelson] works to roll back the Clean Air Act

Many Americans are already smoking the equivalent of a pack a day.

Just from breathing the air.

Senator Landrieu [or Lincoln, or Nelson], Americans need the Clean Air Act.

Leave it alone.

As Marlo Lewis points out at PJM, the MoveOn.Org ad is a triple whopper, piling falsehood upon falsehood upon falsehood. The actual truth is that no American smokes the equivalent of a pack a day just by breathing. The senators are not working to "roll back" the Clean Air Act. The policy they support - one that MoveOn.Org opposes - would not slow any federal or state efforts to clean the air.

Lewis examine each falsehood in turn: (Continue reading: Climategate: MoveOn's Triple Whopper)

The take-home message made perfectly clear by Lewis is that MoveOn's ad campaign is a falsehood from top to bottom, and should promptly do three things: (1) Apologize to Sens. Landrieu, Lincoln, and Nelson for subjecting them to a smear campaign. (2) Apologize to its members for feeding them falsehoods instead of providing truthful information. (3) Return every penny to anyone whom the ads frightened or angered into contributing money to MoveOn.Org.

MoveOn has a long history of misleading and false claims, statements and advertising, so this recent ad campaign comes as no surprise. It's simply what the far-left does whenever it doesn't want truth and facts to get in the way of its agenda.

Posted by Richard at February 10, 2010 1:48 PM

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