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February 9, 2010

Be happy about a nuclear Iran?

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It's perfectly clear to everyone that Iran is going nuclear and it never dawned on me that some supposedly responsible nutjob would think that a nuclear Iran is a good thing; that is until I came across this Max Boot article addressing a nutjob identified as an analyst at the Air Force Research Institute at Maxwell Air Base in Alabama that thinks we shouldn't worry, and even be happy, about Iran going nuclear, and claims that a nuclear Iran will deliver all sorts of hidden benefits for the U.S.

And where does this nutjob's odd op-ed appear? In the New York Times, of course. Where else!

After reading Boot's comments and the nutjobs' curious op-ed, my takeaway is that the op-ed writer has been drinking way too much Obama Kool-Aid (although he's on the opposite side from Obama in the debate about whether America should aim for zero with its nuclear arsenal) and sucked up way too much "touchy feely, let's be loved by everyone," juice that's going to get us all very much dead at the hands of Islamic extremists.

Posted by Abdul at February 9, 2010 11:57 AM

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