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February 15, 2010

Astroturfing, for real

Topics: Political News and commentaries

Jim Simpson cuts right to the quick in his long-titled piece, "When Astroturf is really Astroturf: Phony Grassroots PAC Reveals Massive 527 Network Run By Two Activists Backed with Union Millions," reminding us of the standard Leninist tactic to accuse your enemy of being what you yourself are, and (that) this tactic has become yet another familiar ploy in the seemingly bottomless slime bag of Democrat propaganda tricks.

Simpson then gets down to the Democrat's most recent propaganda trick:

[...] Tea Party groups have been called everything by our illustrious leaders in Washington: "fringe," "wingnuts," "lunatics" and famously, "Astroturf" by none other than Queen "Stretch" Pelosi Herself. But the true astroturfers are all on the Democrat side of the ledger, from Obama advisor David Axelrod, who became synonymous with Astroturfing as a prominent PR executive, to their busloads of "paid volunteer" Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and ACORN flunkies storming Tea Party rallies.

But the latest in the Democrat's increasingly transparent Astroturf campaign is an organization which personifies the word: Presenting itself as a group whose mission is to "...prevent the Tea Party's dangerous ideas..." you know, the really subversive ones like lower taxes, state's rights and limited government, "from gaining legislative traction." They call the widespread belief in Obama's blatantly socialistic tendencies "dangerous," - not his socialism that is, but the belief that he is socialist - and call the Tea Party movement a mere "fad."

As has now been widely documented here, here, here, here and here, the entire Tea Party is Over "movement" is the work of two long-time Democrat activists, Craig Varoga and George Rakis. In fact, this kind of thing is actually their business. A look at their website, Independent Strategies makes this indisputably clear ...

[...] It may be legal, but it certainly doesn't look so from here. The way the money moves seemlessly from 527 organization to 527 organization and then back to for profit companies, I suspect their Byzantine shell game covers more than just the tracks of big labor.

There's much more, so take the time to read it all. Most of all, be sure to catch Simpson's take-home message:
Because is such a clearly modest effort, we may well be needlessly giving this blatant Astroturf operation unwarranted publicity. However, the exposure of the vast, corrupt network of big labor, Party machinery and professional activists behind it has also served to place in stark relief the sleazy and duplicitous methods by which Democrats promote their phony agenda - all the while making big bucks in the process.

Yet more reasons to fire the entire lot in November.

The Democrats, now run by the far-left, are capable of and will indeed pull every sleazy Leninist tactic and trick in the book to win. Unfortunately, voter's are left with the job to cut through the sleaze and get to the truth. They surely won't get it from the mainstreatm media which, other than Fox, has ignored this story.

Posted by Abdul at February 15, 2010 7:09 AM

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