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January 22, 2010

Somalis protesting home grown Mohammed Cartoons (Dhimmitude in St. Cloud Minnesota)

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St_ Cloud Somali student protests.jpgThis is what happens when we allow Somali Muslims to emigrate to the U.S., allow them to turn-up stealth jihad heat, and allow progressives (who completely reject in theory, and partially reject in practice, the principles and policies on which America had been founded) to push their dhimmitude and political correctness on the rest of us who realize what the Somali Muslims are up to. As Jerry Gordon notes at the link, it is further evidence of deepening dhimmitude in the American heartland where Somali emigres are demanding virtual self governing 'millets' as their 'human rights,' which means, of course, that it's America's own fault if we simply roll over, cave-in, and allow this to happen as the liberal-progessive Left and the Somali Muslims want us to do.

As Robert Spencer notes in The Left's love affair with Islam, what the liberal progressive left fails to realize is that Fundamentalist Islam is using the American Left to advance its own agenda.

Militant Muslims want Islam and sharia law to dominate the West. Their goal is to subvert the U.S. Constitution and our way of life to the will of Allah. The word Islam means submission.

What members of the American Left seem blind to is the fact that in countries where Islam dominates, their progressive ideas would be crushed and many of them would be thrown in jail simply because of their lifestyle choices.

Yet, the American Left continues to serve as apologist-in-chief for fundamentalist Islam.

[...] The American Left's affair with fundamentalist Islam is essentially a love-fear relationship. The Left loves Islam's hatred of America and its desire to radically change this country, but the Left also fears what militant Muslims are capable of, especially if they turn their murderous rage on their so-called friends.

So the Left, like Neville Chamberlain with the Nazis, walks a tightrope, appeasing Muslims at every turn, offering excuses for Islamic violence, and hoping Muslim fundamentalists won't bite the hand that feeds them their excuses.

Which is exactly what's going on in St. Cloud Minnesota today. The only question is whether or not we allow the Somalis to have their way and turn us in to a bunch of cowering dhimmis like the Dutch.

The Trial of Geert Wilders: A Symposium [One of the foundations of our liberty is the freedom of speech that separates us from dictatorships, autocracies, and theocracies, of which there still exist many. A preponderance of such unfree systems exist in the Islamic world where the basis of governance is the Koran -- a violation of another premise of modern Western civilization, separation of church (religion) and state.]
Dutch Politician Facing Trial for Hate Speech (with video)

Posted by Richard at January 22, 2010 1:37 PM

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