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December 29, 2009

Ralph Peters: Our Blindness to Islam Ties Helps Terrorists

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Ralph Peters writes that by failing to connect Islamist terrorism to Islam, we're lying to ourselves, and points to Barack Obama's failure yesterday to connect the terrorist act by the Christmas jihadist, the date - Christmas, and Islam:

On Christmas Day, an Islamist fanatic tried to blow up an airplane whose passengers were mostly Christians. And we helped.

Our government gets no thanks for preventing a tragedy. Only the bomber's ineptitude preserved the lives of nearly 300 innocents.

How did we help Umar Abdulmutallab, a wealthy Muslim university graduate who decided that Allah wanted him to slaughter Christians on their most joyous holiday?

By continuing to lie to ourselves. Although willing -- at last -- to briefly use the word "terror," yesterday President Obama still refused to make a connection between the action, the date and Islam.

Was it just a ticketing accident that led to a bombing attempt on Christmas? Was it all about blackout dates and frequent-flyer miles?

It wasn't. You know it. And I know it. But our government refuses to know it. Despite vast databases crammed with evidence, our leaders -- of both parties -- still refuse to connect Islamist terrorism with Islam.

Our insistence that "Islam's a religion of peace" would have been cold comfort to the family members of those passengers had the bomb detonated as planned.

We proclaim that the terrorists "don't represent Islam." OK, whom do they represent? The Franciscans? We don't get to decide what's Islam and what isn't. Muslims do. And far too many of them approve of violent jihad.

It gets worse. Instead of focusing on the religious zeal and inspiration of our enemies and how such motivations change the game, our "terrorism experts" agonize over whether such beasts as Abdulmutallab or Maj. Hasan, the Fort Hood assassin for Allah, are really members of al Qaeda or not.

As a Sunday Post editorial pointed out, al Qaeda's far more than a formal organization; it's an idea, a cause. If a terrorist says he's al Qaeda, he is, even if he doesn't have a union card from Jihadi Local 632.

We're dealing with a global Muslim movement, not a Masons' lodge.

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Worthy of note here are two points. Peters' statement that far too many Muslims approve of violent jihad is absolutely correct. A Pew Poll shows that this is particularly the case with Muslims in the U.S. who are under age 30, of which 60% think of themselves first as Muslims, rather than primarily as Americans - 15% of which believe that suicide bombings can be often or sometimes justified in the defense of Islam. Pew reports that this contrasts with the fact surveys among Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world do not show greater tolerance of suicide bombing among young people.

The second point that should be made here is that Peters use of the pronoun "our" is quite appropriate, as shown in a September 2009 Pew report that only thirty-eight percent (38%) of Americans polled believed Islam was more likely than other faiths to encourage violence (I'm inclined to wonder what planet the other 62% are living on). In other words, it's not just Obama that's naive and willfully blind to Islam's ties to terrorism. It's the majority of the American people. Like Peters goes on to point out in his piece - We're the Islamic terrorists' little helpers:

On Christmas Day, a Muslim fanatic attempted to butcher hundreds of Christians (dead Jews would've been a bonus). Our response? Have airport security analyze the contents of grandma's mini-bottle of shampoo -- we don't want to "discriminate."

With our lies, self-deception and self-flagellation, we're terror's little helpers.

And as long as the American people continue to elect people to office that perpetuate the lies, self-deception and self-flagellation Peters speaks of, people like Barack Obama who is unwilling and/or unable to connect the terrorist act with the date he committed it - Christmas, and Islam - the Islamic terrorists will continue to be helped by the the target of their terror - we the American people.

As a post script here, I'd like to make clear that I have no animosity toward Muslims or Islam itself, but believe that Islam is the basis for most of the terrorism in the world today and is in serious need of a reformation that can only come from Muslims themselves. As Jonah Goldberg wrote in his short piece titled, "Is Islam the Problem?":

... intelligent, educated people have no problem looking to the Koran and other established texts of their faith and saying, "See, what I believe is true and right according to my faith." I would very much like to see a Western devotee of the notion that the extremists have merely "hijacked" the Muslim faith debate Islam with a Jihadist. My hunch is they would lose, badly.

... those who insist that there's absolutely nothing wrong with Islam are befogged by a political correctness that blinds them to a real threat. But I also think that some of the people saying Islam is the problem often fail to recognize -- or at least acknowledge -- that Islam will have to be the solution as well.

Christmas Jihad Attempt Exposes Failure of Anti-Terror Efforts

Posted by Richard at December 29, 2009 10:03 AM

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