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December 4, 2009

Mark Steyn: (Creepy) 'Attack of the Seven Foot Fairy'

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Scratching my head and wondering just WTF is going on in America, I find this to be beyond creepy:

From Mark Steyn [Re) another one for the bulging files (of progressive's multicultural absurdity):

Two Cambridge academics have voiced their dismay at the news that all references to Christmas have been dropped from the switching-on ceremony for Dundee's festive lights. Instead of the traditional Christmas Lights switch-on, The Times newspaper reported that residents will be attending the 'Dundee Winter Light Night'. Council officials have also decided that rather than a retelling of the Nativity story there will be a disco, a contemporary circus, a continental market and a seven foot fairy on stilts.
That's another reason to resist this stuff - not merely because it's an act of cultural vandalism but because what replaces the demolished tradition is so feeble and insipid. ("Contemporary circus" is, of course, PC-speak for "monumental yawneroo with interpretative dance acts but no dangerous animals" - so don't go along expecting to see Dundee Council officials sticking their heads in the lion's mouth.)

Interestingly, the two objectors in this story are Jewish and Muslim. They see this trend not as benignly multicultural but, ultimately, as an assault on all faith. What it advances is a kind of bland statist conformity. You see it especially in those grade schools where not only "Silent Night" but even "Rudolph" and "Frosty" get junked and the kids stand like zombies singing dirge-like sub-Disney power-ballads of a vaguely Gaia-worshipping bent about coming together to hold hands and behold the power of the dream of the circle. Creepy.

How is it that so many people are willing to throw-out America's cultural and religious traditions and values, and embrace what amounts to nothing more than the mindless group-think of a minority of liberal progressives (Rasmussen - 72% support Christmas, 22% oppose)!

Posted by Richard at December 4, 2009 11:24 AM

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