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December 11, 2009

Another "Hide The Decline" Coverup Solved

Topics: Climate Change, Climategate, Global Warming

AJ Strata edits into plain English, Steve McIntyre's "detailed and technically rich forensic report" on how Mann, Jones and others were pressured by the IPCC to make current climate look much more dramatic than it was (or is). It's a must-read.

Here's an excerpt:

[...] Steve is a very detailed oriented fellow, and his methods are complete and extremely well documented. Which means they don't translate well into the sound bite thinking of the news media (who can barely grasp what this is all about anyway). So while I was reading his post I wanted to show a synopsis of his findings, and I found something extremely disturbing and what I see as the end of the global warming myth as we know it. Scientifically it is dead due to the rampant fraud we now see in these newly disclosed efforts to hide the decline.

Let be begin with the first graph produced by the alarmists in 1999 for a meeting in Tanzania, where the IPCC complained the climate change being shown was not dramatic enough. ipcc_tar_zero.gifOne thing to note here is how the modern day spike is not much warmer than previous warm periods (the blue region, not the line!). The graph clearly shows the world coming out of the Little Ice Age which ended around 1800-1850. And while this is not very dramatic warming, it does already include an early version of Michael Mann's "Nature Trick" highlighted in the CRU emails made public.

I have blown the last bit of the graph up to illustrate how these alarmists were already splicing raw data onto statistical data (which, being averaged will have much less variability and therefore lower peaks and shallower valleys than the raw data).

hide_decline_1.gifThis is a con, a lie, a deliberate effort to make the current temperatures look dramatic. I call this "Hide The Decline 1" - for Mann's first effort to appease the IPCC. We can clearly see the instrument record (red) being used to create a false temperature peak beyond Mann's statistical model (blue).

Let me illustrate this using a CRU graph of monthly temperature indices verses a trend line (the statistical model of the values - click to enlarge): (Continue reading).

AJ goes on to speculate that Mann and Jones were at the center of running the con with a tight group of useful idiots willing to help out (and become famous for their efforts). A sea of scientists followed who just wanted to believe the AGW myth and never even attempted to challenge it.
Add in gullible journalists and pols without any skill or education to know better one way or the other and you have the current AGW fad.
Yet, as exemplified by what's going on in Copenhagen, that "fad" has turned into a religion, and that "tight group of useful idiots" and those "gullible journalists and pols without any skill or education to know better one way or the other" have turned into radical fundamentalists wearing blinders to the truth and are playing suckers to an agenda for world governance.

The warmists either reject and/or are unwilling to address common-sense scientific questions and are unwilling to see if there might be some problems with the temperature data and the theory of global warming, and when politicians and religious leaders become committed to the theory of global warming and embrace a belief system in dogmatic ways, they have fallen into the trap of being unwilling and blind to be disproven by evidence to the contrary.

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Posted by Abdul at December 11, 2009 10:12 AM

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