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November 9, 2009

Lt. Col Ralph Peters on O'Reilly: 'Ft. Hood was an Islamic terrorist act'

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Calling a spade a spade, Lt. Col Peters says he's sorry if it's inconvenient for Washington to face the facts; it was a terrorist act, it was committed by an Islamist, we knew he was an Islamist and the military did nothing about it out of political correctness, so what is he missing!

In a BBC interview by Gavin Lee with a member of the Killeen, Texas mosque outside Ft Hood, the Islamic Community Center of Greater Killeen, where Malik Nidal Hasan was currently attending, mosque member Duane Reasoner - a former Catholic turned Muslim convert - not only refuses to condemn Hasan, but justifies the murder because those murdered by Hasan "were troops who were going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill Muslims". Here's the relevant portion of the interview:

Duane : I'm not going to condemn him for what he did. I don't know why he did it. I will not, absolutely not, condemn him for what he had done though. If he had done it for selfish reasons I still will not condemn him. He's my brother in the end. I will never condemn him.

Gavin Lee : There might be a lot of people shocked to hear you say that.

Duane: Well, that's the way it is. I don't speak for the community here but me personally I will not condemn him.

Gavin Lee : What are your thoughts towards those that were victims in this?

Duane : They were, in the end, they were troops who were going to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill Muslims. I honestly have no pity for them. It's just like the majority of the people that will hear this, after five or six minutes they'll be shocked, after that they'll forget about them and go on their day.

Reasoner was also interviewed by Stars & Stripes:
Just last week, Hasan expressed views that Muslims shouldn't serve in the military and fight other Muslims, according to Duane Reasoner Jr., a recent Muslim convert who had been having dinner regularly with Hasan.

Hasan had taken 18-year-old Reasoner under his wing, mentoring him in his new faith. After evening prayers he would often buy a fish dinner for Reasoner and sometimes the iman at the Golden Corral, a chain buffet restaurant. Besides mentioning that he prayed for a wife, the conversation almost never strayed from religion, Reasoner said, describing Hasan as warm and caring.

As Ralph Peters aptly noted, calling a spade a spade, Nidal Hisan is an Islamist and what he did at Ft. Hood was indeed a terrorist act. And it appears that he helped mold one or more Islamists to follow in his footsteps at Ft Hood.

H/t - Java Report

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