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October 27, 2009

Another one of those 'incidents' in France by a 'youth'

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Those mysterious rioting "youths" are at it again in France.

ESISC, reports:

[...] Violent clashes erupted late on Sunday in the town of Fréjus (south of France) after Mohamed El Matari, a 21 years-old Moroccan national, living in the city killed himself while he was trying to steer clear of a roadblock. According to Simon Babri, the chief of staff of the Prefect, "initially, at 17h30, the young man turned back to avoid a roadblock at the entrance of Fréjus and he fled. He tried to bypass a second roadblock and by driving on the bottom side of the road it hit a tree".

"After his death, at least 50 youths took to the streets and started to break windows at the entrance of Gabelle, an outskirt of the city. The youths also burned garbage, tires, a motorcycle and five vehicles in a shipyard, said the police. When the Police and the fire-fighters arrived on the scène, protesters threw stones and Molotov cocktails against them. Then, the police retaliate by firing tear gas but it was unable to enter into Gabelle."

As Robert Spencer suggests, think about that last sentence for a minute.

And, as one might anticipate - given the violent, irrational, nature and character exemplified by many of the Muslim youth in France, the violence continued for a second consecutive night. Yet not one time has the media identified the rioters as what they in fact are - Muslim youths, not Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Hindi, Buddhist, French, etc - apparently afraid of offending those fragile Muslim "sensitivities" we hear so much about.

Posted by Richard at October 27, 2009 8:48 AM

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