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September 4, 2009

Killing girl babies is bad, killing boy babies is okay?

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In what amounts to an exercise in extremely illogical moral equivalence, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is upset about abortion, but not abortion per se. Just in abortions of girls. Apparently killing boys is somehow okay.

Doug Bandow writes at American Spectator:

[...] ... Secretary Clinton challenged two fundamental precepts of the case for legalized abortion. First, she tied the "infanticide rate of girl babies" to sex selection abortions. If sex-based infanticide and abortion are morally equivalent, then non-discriminatory infanticide and abortion should be morally equivalent as well. Secretary Clinton has raised the core moral challenge of abortion: once we enter the continuum of life, our essential humanity has been established. The moment of birth has no obvious moral distinction. Else why would Secretary Clinton be as upset with those who abort baby girls as with those who put newborn girls out to die?

Second, Secretary Clinton undercuts the essential argument of abortion activists: there is a right to unrestricted abortion (or abortion "on demand"). That means for any reason. However, the secretary has identified, to her, at least, one illegitimate reason. If there is one, might there not be others?

[...] Secretary Clinton has grasped an essential truth: It is wrong to kill baby girls. But it also is wrong to kill baby boys. The problem is not sex selection abortion. The problem is abortion. Many politicians desperately hope that the issue will just go away. But it won't. Abortion remains one of today's most profound moral challenges.

Apparently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is morally challenged on the "profound moral challenge" of abortion.

Posted by Abdul at September 4, 2009 6:46 AM

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