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July 21, 2009

(Video) Obama tells woman instead of a pacemaker we might give old ladies a pill (Updated)

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Via Megan McArdle (HT - James Joyner), in this video we see President Obama telling a woman whose now-105-year-old mother got a pacemaker five years ago that, under Obamacare, we might just give old ladies a pain killer instead.

Doesn't leave much doubt as to what Obamacare has in-store for the elderly!

As Dr. Helen points out:

Heart arrhythmias can be absolutely terrifying leading to panic attacks and/or fatigue so crippling that one cannot get off the couch. A pain killer is not going to help. But maybe that's the idea. Obama is so determined to get his health care plan passed--no matter what the consequences-- that he doesn't care how or if people suffer, especially older people.

Is Obama heartless, mean or just plain ignorant? His response to Jane Sturm leaves me wondering which.

To which Ed Morrissey adds: "No more heartlesss, mean, or ignorant than the bureaucrats who will eventually make these decisions under ObamaCare, using their pocket Comparative Effectiveness Charts.

In the way of a late update, commenter "Guest" (readers can read his numerous comments below) accuses this site of posting a fake video and "propagating a lie aimed at undermining the efforts of the past three decades of trying to get genuine health care reform passed." Guest's panties are all in a bunch over what he considers the above posted video being "heavily edited" to "taken out all the positive aspects of Obama's reply." We whole-heartedly disagree and believe that, if anything, the longer version discloses even more of Obama's subtle dishonesty in what his real intentions are. However, in the interest of fairness, here's the full version so readers can decide for themselves:

Commenter (Sammypie120) noted at the YouTube posting of the longer version that perhaps most disturbing is when Obama responds:

"I don't think we can make judgments based on peoples spirit. that would be a pretty subjective decision to be making. I think we have to have rules that say we will provide good quality health care for all people."
Sammypie120 suggests that Obama is talking about a healthcare system with LESS humanity - less focus on a patient (a person) as an individual, unique human being. He also writes to keep in mind that the mom is doing really well 5 years post surgery.

A cursory review at the posting reveals that Sammypie120's comments are typical. In other words, those that saw the full version at YouTube came away with the same take as this post. Both versions support the same premise.

Obamacare meets the reality of nationalized health care: Rationing and long lines

Posted by Richard at July 21, 2009 1:52 PM

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