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July 10, 2009

Egyptian security forces have declared war on Copts

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It's never a good time to be a Christian in a Muslim country, and that is especially true in Egypt where Muslim mobs, instigated and participated-in by the Egyptian security forces, are carrying out collective punishment on Copts in three villages stretching from Upper Egypt to the Nile Delta.

[...] These attacks included assaults, torching, and looting of Coptic homes and shops, forcing the terrorized villagers to abandon their possessions and flee to safety.

In all three recent incidents the accounts of several eyewitnesses, including priests, directly implicated the Egyptian State Security of masterminding the assaults and instigating the mobs, and taking an active role in the violence against the Christians.

The reason for the attacks on the two Upper Egyptian villages of Ezbet Boushra-East on June 6 and the neighboring Ezbet Guirgis Bey on July 3 was one and the same: suspicion based on rumors spread by security that Christians are using or have the intention of using part of the church's social services building for religious rites.

Apparently, in the eyes of Muslims in Egypt, Christians praying or holding Mass in a social services building belonging to the Church is worthy of carrying out a jihad against the Christians.

Posted by Richard at July 10, 2009 6:44 AM

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