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June 24, 2009

"Obama is neck-deep in terrorist-for-hostages negotiations with Iran-backed killers who have American blood on their hands."

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Andy McCarthy's column at NRO points out that this is occurring even as the mullahs who have been at war with the United States for 30 years are engaged in a Tiananmen-style crackdown:

Andy's summary of his column describes the magnitude of Obama's shocking and dangerous actions:

My column today details the Obama administration's shocking negotiations with Iran's terror network in Iraq. As the result of this policy, President Obama has freed outright a terrorist responsible for the murders of five U.S. soldiers in Karbala, in the process abandoning America's longstanding, life-saving policy against trading terrorist prisoners for hostages kidnapped by terrorists. The administration has thus encouraged terrorists that their methods will work and that they will win valuable concessions by abducting Americans and allied personnel (and, as I elaborate, even by killing them). It is impossible to overstate how dangerously irresponsible this is.
Read the entire column: Negotiating with Terrorists - The Obama administration ignores a longstanding -- and life-saving -- policy.

Posted by Richard at June 24, 2009 6:55 AM

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