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June 5, 2009

NASA Makes 'Amazing' Discovery: Sun Heats Earth

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Earth to Al Gore and the global warming pushers, NASA has an inconvenient truth for you: It's the sun, dummies:
A NASA study reported by Daily Tech has come to an "amazing" conclusion that is sure to cause depression among Al Gore and much of the mainstream media: the sun heats the earth. Yes, as astounding as that sounds, the NASA study has found that solar activity is the real culprit of any global warming. Sorry, Heidi Cullen. Here are some of the details of the NASA study:

Report indicates solar cycle has been impacting Earth since the Industrial Revolution

Some researchers believe that the solar cycle influences global climate changes.  They attribute recent warming trends to cyclic variation.  Skeptics, though, argue that there's little hard evidence of a solar hand in recent climate changes.

May we now call those skeptics "solar warming deniers?"

Al Gore will certainly reject this out of hand because it doesn't fit in with his schemes to make money off the fantasy of man made global warming.

Posted by Richard at June 5, 2009 8:59 AM

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