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June 11, 2009

Miranda Rights for Jihadists? (Updated)

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There are many good reasons for this being a huge mistake, chief among them - say goodbye to battlefield intelligence from terrorists.

As Fiery Spirited Zionist writes:

Someone needs to remind these crazies in the hussein obama administration that the rules which apply to American citizens accused of crimes on American soil do not apply to foreign enemies waging war against America. Foreign terrorists captured on foreign battlefields during a war ARE NOT ENTITLED TO AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Yet the hussein obama administration wants taliban and al qaeda terrorists who are captured in Afghanistan to be entitled to miranda rights. This is beyond insane. This could only come from a president who is more than willing to sacrifice the security of America and the safety of American soldiers in order to curry favor with the muslim world.
And as Representative Pete Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, points out:
"When they mirandize a suspect, the first thing they do is warn them that they have the 'right to remain silent," ...

... "It would seem the last thing we want is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or any other al-Qaeda terrorist to remain silent. Our focus should be on preventing the next attack, not giving radical jihadists a new tactic to resist interrogation--lawyering up."...

What could the Obama administration possibly be thinking?

Related video: Newt Gingrich on the Insanity of Reading Terrorists Miranda Rights:

On Hannity's show on FOX News, Newt talks about the latest twist in the Obama administration's handling of terrorism.

Other Related: Congressman: Soldiers 'Mirandizing' Enemy Combatants

(Image from the People's Cube)

Posted by Richard at June 11, 2009 9:14 PM

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