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June 5, 2009

Jihad Watch: Grave Danger

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Two key observations on the disastrous Obama speech in Cairo from Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs via Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch), who writes:

And as our country goes bankrupt:

We will open centers of scientific excellence in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and appoint new Science Envoys to collaborate on programs that develop new sources of energy, create green jobs, digitize records, clean water, and grow new crops. And today I am announcing a new global effort with the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference, you will recall, is the chief enemy of free speech in the world today.

Obama never once mentioned terror or terrorism. Not once. He never mentioned democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan or the lack of it in Saudi Arabia, Egypt ....... He actually spoke of the savages, Hamas, with .... respect.

The Palestinian Authority must develop its capacity to govern, with institutions that serve the needs of its people. Hamas does have support among some Palestinians, but they also have responsibilities.

If there is one thing that is perfectly clear, it's that Obama cannot distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, and this puts us all in grave danger.

There does seem to be a huge amount of moral, intellectual, and political vacuity in the Obama White House. It is going to be a very long four years.

Anyway, read it all.

And incredibly, not only is Obama promising to spend our taxpayer dollars on projects with the OIC, he has met with members of the Muslim Brotherhood - in the U.S. The Muslim Brotherhood is an international Islamic organization dedicated to the imposition of Sharia law, by violent or peaceful means, throughout the world.

As Spencer suggests, we are indeed in very grave danger, for reasons far beyond Obama's disastrous economic policies.

Posted by Richard at June 5, 2009 9:30 AM

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