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June 11, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooter - Not A Conservative

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Not only was he not a Christian conservative, he was something we won't be hearing much about from the Left and their media - he was a Christian-Hating Socialist:
The white-wing fringe greeted the news with predictable joy. Its most popular website,, saluted "White Racialist Treasure: James Von Brunn" in 2004; a thoughtful reader, seeing Von Brunn had backed up his recent threats with deadly action, wrote yesterday, "Definitely needs a bump today." Another hoped the shooting would cause Americans to believe taking their children to Holocaust memorials is now "an insurance risk."
Yet racists are not alone in their glee. Leftists have decided to exploit Von Brunn's madness to engender fear of rampant conservative terrorism. They overlook one point: the shooter was not a conservative.

A review of his lengthy associations reveals Von Brunn hardly fits the stereotype of a Religious Right, GOP precinct captain. He denounced the Christian faith as a dastardly Jewish conspiracy, a "HOAX" invented by the Apostle Paul to "DESTROY ROMAN CULTURE" from within by undermining its pagan virility. (All screaming capitalization and grammatical errors in this piece appear in the original.) Like others on the racist fringe, the shooter proclaimed clearly: "
SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West."
Much more ...

Related: James von Brunn, Homicidal Moonbat ( those of most "white supremacists", many of von Brunn's political views track "Left" rather than "Right." Clearly, a re-evaluation of these obsolete definitions is long overdue.)

Posted by Abdul at June 11, 2009 12:32 PM

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