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May 7, 2009

Melanie Phillips: Obama preparing to throw Israel under the Islamist bus

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Long before November's election, writers have commented about Obama's Muslim connection and his pro-Islamic bias, yet the mainstream media, Christians and Jewish Americans ignored As Ted Belman notes in his April 1 post, Obama played the Christian card while campaigning, but has since then blatantly played the Muslim card.

In her May 6 article at The Spectator, Melanie Phillips analyzes the "moral sickness of the West" as it plays out in Obama's looming betrayal of Israel: "Obama prepares to throw Israel under the bus" (Via Robert Spencer):

As predicted here repeatedly - Obama is attempting to throw Israel under the Islamist bus, and he's getting American Jews to do his dirty work for him. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reportedly told the Israel lobbying group AIPAC on Sunday that efforts to stop Iran hinged on peace talks with the Palestinians. General James Jones, National Security Adviser to Obama, reportedly told a European foreign minister a week ago that unlike the Bush administration, Obama will be 'forceful' with Israel. Ha'aretz reports:

Jones is quoted in the telegram as saying that the United States, European Union and moderate Arab states must redefine 'a satisfactory endgame solution.' The U.S. national security adviser did not mention Israel as party to these consultations.

Of course not. If you are going to throw a country under the bus, you don't invite it to discuss the manner of its destruction with the assassins who are co-ordinating the crime. As I said here months ago, the appointment of Jones and the elevation of his post of National Security Adviser at the expense of the Secretary of State was all part of the strategy to centralise power in the hands of those who want to do Israel harm.

Yesterday Vice-President Joe Biden and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry turned the thumbscrews tighter, telling Israel to stop building more settlements, dismantle existing outposts and allow Palestinians freedom of movement.

This is all not only evil but exceptionally stupid. The idea that a Palestine state will help build a coalition against Iran is demonstrably absurd. The Arab states are beside themselves with anxiety about Iran. They want it to be attacked and its nuclear programme stopped. They are desperately fearful that the Obama administration might have decided that it can live with a nuclear Iran.

The idea that if a Palestine state comes into being it will be easier to handle Iran is the opposite of the case: a Palestine state will be Iran, in the sense that it will be run by Hamas as a proxy for the Islamic Republic. The idea that a Palestine state will not compromise Israel's security is ludicrous.

It is of course, by any sane standard, quite fantastic that America is behaving as if it is Israel which is holding up a peace settlement when Israel has made concession after concession - giving up Sinai, giving up Gaza, offering all the territories to the Arabs in return for peace in 1967, offering more than 90 per cent of them ditto in 2000, ditto again to Mahmoud Abbas in the past year -- only to be attacked in return by a Palestinian terrorist entity, backed in its continued aggression, let us not forget, by the countries of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, which has made no concessions at all and is not being pressured to do so.

It is not the aggressor here but the victim of aggression that America is now choosing to beat up. In any sane world, one might think the Americans would be piling the pressure on the Palestinians to renounce their genocidal ambitions against Israel, to stop teaching and training their children to hate and kill Jews, to adhere to the primary requirement in the Road Map that they must dismantle their infrastructure of violence as the first step in the peace process; one might think, indeed, that they would view Mahmoud Abbas's repeated statements that the Palestinians will never accept Israel as a Jewish state to be the main impediment to peace.

Take the time to read it all ...

It's becoming more and more clear that Barack Obama has trouble differentiating friend from foe, especially when it comes to dealing with Islamists and South American Marxist dictators. This, in the face of abandoning Israel, our only true friend in the M.E. - with Iran having time and time again threatened to "eradicate" Israel and now in the final stages of developing nuclear weapons that threaten both Israel and the West, places both the U.S. and Israel in great danger. Contrary to what is emerging as a component of Obama's Middle East policy, the world cannot live with a nuclear Iran and a "Hamas state." One is left wondering just what is Obama thinking, if not with an Islamist bent.


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Posted by Hyscience at May 7, 2009 6:08 AM

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