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May 28, 2009

French Turkish author Nedim Gursel facing jail time for 'insulting Islam'

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nedimgursel_haber.jpgYet another example of Islamofascism's attack on free speech.

Similar to the case of the Christian couple in Singapore who were convicted for casting Islam in a "negative light" for distributing booklets, Franco-Turkish writer Nedim Gursel is facing trial on charges of "inciting racial and religious hatred" in his "The Daughters of Allah", a novel about the prophet.

Just as in the case of the Christian couple, how can the Franco-Turkish writer possibly "incite racial and religious hatred" in his novel - anymore than the Islamists themselves who by their acts of violence and intolerance to free speech (as exemplified by the charges) and other faiths, are in fact the ones "casting Islam in a negative light" and "inciting racial and religious hatred"?

My message to the Turkish Muslims: It's just a damned novel, people, a damned book of fiction. You need to get over it, and stop being so sensitive about your gosh darned *%$! prophet.

Related video via Islamization Watch: Daughter of Allah, insult Islam?

[...] Often writers use works of fiction to get important messages across - in this case - its like hey - look at this!! Allah once had three daughters!! There is so much more to Sura 53:19 and those cranes /goddesses.

Posted by Hyscience at May 28, 2009 1:33 PM

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