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March 12, 2009

SNL's Victoria Jackson on Obama: 'And all of a sudden a communist appears'

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Victoria Jackson may not be the brightest bulb in a lamp but at least she knows a communist when she sees one:

"Well, I've never been involved in politics. 'Cuz it's just neh neh neh, neh neh neh. But all of a sudden it was, it was: Oh, Hillary Clinton is a socialist, she wants to socialize medicine. Well, I'll have to vote against her. And then all of a sudden a communist appears! Out of nowhere! And that's when I started to get involved."

Interestingly, David Limbaugh says essentially the same thing in his piece today: New Column: Obama's Relentless War on the American Dream.

Obama is sending unmistakable signals that he has an unconventional notion -- to say the least -- about the American dream. It's as if he's saying, "It's fine to aspire to financial success, but only to a point, beyond which you'll incur the punitive wrath of the federal government."

It's one thing to maintain that upper-income earners should pay higher tax rates because they are better able to shoulder the burden for essential government services. But it's constitutional blasphemy to claim that the tax code should be used as a weapon against the wealthy and that the state should be the tyrannical arbiter of how income is distributed.

It's hardly surprising that Obama degenerated into incoherent babbling when unconvincingly denying his socialism to a New York Times reporter. But given his war on capitalism and achievement, isn't it time we brought this subject out in the open instead of closing our eyes and pretending we all accept America's free market traditions?

Or would you prefer not invoking the politically incorrect terms "Marxist" or "socialist" until Obama's statist policies have worked their magic to bankrupt America and spread the misery among Americans in a reverse trickledown effect?

It's about time people start waking up to the real Barack Obama and the radical socialist, if not a communist, that he indeed is.

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Posted by Hyscience at March 12, 2009 6:57 PM

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