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February 10, 2009

Muslim cleric Warns Muslim Youth Against Valentine's Day - Says its 'More Dangerous than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera'

Topics: Understanding Islam
From MEMRI comes yet another example of Islamic impaired capacity for logic and reason:

Hazem Shuman: "In a few days something very important and dangerous will take place in the world of the youth - perhaps even more important than tonight's Al-Ahli soccer match. People will follow this event everywhere. I am talking about the global Valentine's Day, the global holiday of love.

"In a few days' time, Planet Earth will turn red. We will become the reddest planet in the universe. Everything red will become more expensive. Red teddy bears, red candles, red pens - they will all become more expensive. Only one red thing will become cheaper: The blood of Muslims. All this is the result of the sins committed by Muslim youth."

"A Very Dangerous Virus... The Valentine Virus"

"In a few days time, a very dangerous virus will attack the body of the nation. What virus? Is it AIDS? No, something more dangerous. Something more dangerous than Ebola, which dissolves the human body, more dangerous than cholera, which killed half of Europe a few centuries ago. I am talking about the Valentine virus, people.

"I have come tonight to warn all boys and girls about an extremely dangerous virus, which is about to attack the hearts of the nation's youth, and to destroy our relations with God. We must confront this Valentine virus! [...]

"The More You Celebrate Valentine's Day, The More the Jews and Christians Are Happy, and the More the Prophet Muhammad is Sad"

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Posted by Hyscience at February 10, 2009 5:03 PM

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