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February 26, 2009

Iran's mullahs turning universities into graveyards

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While the Obama administration is working overtime to make nice with Iran under the naive assumption that the Islamists can be reasoned with if only America talks to them, Amil Amani, an Iranian-born American citizen and pro-democracy activist residing in the U.S., says the mullahs are working overtime to obtain the ultimate death weapon -- the nuclear bomb, to kill us infidels and are transforming Iran's universities into mausoleums to impose on the university milieu and student life a militant ideology that praises shahâdat (the martyr death):

The cult of death, Islam, is marching forward under its battle cry: "We love death, the infidels love life," as Hassan Nasrullah, leader of Lebanon Hizbollah, says. There is no limit to the Shi'a mullahs' obsession with all matters dealing with death.

On one front, the mullahs are working overtime to obtain the ultimate death weapon -- the nuclear bomb -- the most efficient and economical way of inflicting death on the masses of the infidels. A prefect example is this week's test firing at the Bushehr nuclear plant. The duplicitous Russians are just too pleased to help them out in exchange for petrodollars.

On another front, the ever-conniving mullahs are gradually transforming Iran's universities, cradles of knowledge about life, to mausoleums. Instead of adorning the landscape with statues of great scientists and scholars to inspire the young to life achievement, the mullahs bring corpses of their victims and bury them there, victims who had been hoodwinked by the fascist Islamists and had lost their lives in implementing the schemes of Allah's frauds.

The charlatan mullahs sanitize their wicked deeds that have caused the death of their victims by calling them martyrs and affording them an honorable burial place. It is yet another way of the mullahs' ways of attracting new recruits from the ranks of the young.

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Given Iran's long history of deception and defiance of UN resolutions ordering it to suspend uranium enrichment. As we've previously written, the naiveté of the West, and especially American politicians who should know better, continues to fly in the face of the reality of an Islamic regime hell bent on the destruction of Israel and the West with a commitment to lie, cheat, deceive, and virtually do anything it deems necessary to accomplish Islamist rule over the entire planet. One is perfectly safe to bet their last dollar that talks with Iran will continue to go nowhere, and Iran will continue to talk until it has nuclear weapons. The bet is a sure win, but in the end, we all loose if we allow Iran to continue to employ al-taqiyya in order to accomplish it's objectives. Obama's weak, naive, popularity as a foreign policy is going to end up with a nuclear Iran and radical Islam having an atomic bomb to kill us with.

Posted by Richard at February 26, 2009 7:33 AM

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