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January 4, 2009

They Used Rayan's Language

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives, Terrorism
Hamas leader Nizar Rayan was killed today by a one-ton bomb which razed his home in the northern town of Jebaliya and took the lives of his four wives and children. The bodies of his kids are being paraded to incite revenge against Israel and justify Hamas' hatred of the Jewish people. It is tragic when a terrorist like Rayan places his family in harms way and uses civilians as shields:

Israel's military says the homes of Hamas leaders are being used to store missiles and other weapons, making them a legitimate target. Rayan, an influential preacher, had previously denied Israel's existence and was a known mentor of suicide bombers. He even sent one of his sons on an October 2001 suicide mission that killed two Israeli settlers in Gaza.
Note further that in addition to being a top five Hamas decision maker, Rayan was a professor of Islamic law:

He was preaching in a local mosque on the day before he was killed and said: 'Our only language with the Jew is through the gun.'
After sponsoring numerous suicide bombers and over 3,000 missile strikes on Israeli civilian targets during the past year, the "Jews" responded to Rayan's language in a decisive and conversation ending manner.

Posted by tim at January 4, 2009 4:37 PM

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