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December 2, 2008

Teachings of the Quran sole reason from Islamic terrorism

Topics: Understanding Islam
islamic_jihad_small.jpgMark Harding over at Right Side News is on target in saying that the teachings of Islam are the sole reason for the Islamic terrorism that we are seeing today. Quite the contrary to what liberals want everyone to believe, Islamic terrorists are terrorists because they strictly follow the teachings of the Quran, not because of anything America does, has done, or hasn't done.

As was seen so recently in India, Muslim terrorists give no quarter and deserve no quarter, and until the world wakes up and recognize that Islam is not what many peace-loving Muslims believe it is and not what so many non-Muslims are deceived into believing - it is not a religion of peace - it is a religion of hate, intolerance, and violence against Muslims and non-Muslims alike - virtually everyone that doesn't strictly follow it's tenets:

Mark writes:

This Islamic terror from India is the typical result of the blind leading the blind. It started along time ago with the teachings of a madman called Muhammad, and the world continues to be terrorized by his followers today. Until the world wakes up to the "real cause" of the terror it finds itself facing today, Islamic terrorism will continue.

Hitler was the madman that drove so many Germans to do the un-thinkable terror that eventually caused the world to wake up and react to the destruction the terrorism and the murder of Jews and Christians, it was called Hitlerism.

Today the world must wake up to a new form of Nazism, its called Islam.

The teachings of Islam are the soul (sic) reason for the Islamic terrorism that we are seeing today. Muhammad the so called prophet of Islam may be dead but his terrorism lives on today in the hearts and the minds of many Muslim victims today because of the teachings of his manual's for terrorism, destruction and the murder of the Un-believers. These Manuals are the Quran and the Hadiths.

And until we are willing to speak the truth about Islam and protect those who are brave enough to do so, we will continue to see Islamic terrorist attacks like this one that took place in India.

I have studied Islam and its followers for almost 20 years now.

And after some intensive studying I have found that Islam's prophet, Muhammad, was a man that found a way to make other men fight and kill for wealth, power and a false hope of eternal salvation with a war god named "Allah" that does not even exist, unless one calls Lucifer a god.

These men were trained to kill Jews and Christian Infidels or as Islam calls us "Kafirs". There are other Islamic men and women trained to lie and to tell everyone that Islam is a 'religion of peace'. And yet they're others who have been trained to be moderates and their job is to deceive you and I into believing that these "Islamic radicals" are misinterpreting the Quran and that the media and our governments are lying about the persecution of Christians and Jews in Islamic societies. I have met with all three types of these Muslims and with questioning have found these trained men and women to be lying as they themselves exposed the truth about the teachings of Islam and their true identities in a very short order.

More here ...

Mark ends his piece by asking if stopping the 10 Islamic followers in India solves a problem or does it just create more Islamic martyrs from the teachings of Islam who are willing to follow them. Such a question should demand an answer of other than appeasement - which simply leads to the emboldenment of the enemy - the Islamists. The question practically invites the world to consider addressing such a sick ideology cloaked under the guise of religion - with little other than severe condemnation, when in fact, such severe condemnation without equally severe and abrupt destruction of their ability to harm innocents does not adequately address the problem.

The problem is Islam itself and those that strictly follow it's teachings, and both need to be addressed - one by education and economic reforms in the countries that perpetuate the religion, the other by a much more prompt and overwhelmingly violent response (against the Islamists) than we just saw undertaken by the authorities in Mumbai.

Posted by Hyscience at December 2, 2008 10:12 AM

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