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December 21, 2008

Taking a realitiy check on the incoming Obama cabinet

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Change" What change" Bi-partisan? What's bi-partisan about this?
[...] According to the Obama-mania press, Obama is surrounding himself with a bi-partisan cabinet full of intellectual giants with a hundred years in collective expertise unlike any other in human history. What cabinet selections are they looking at?

The selections I'm looking at seem more like a third Clinton administration full of the same old Clinton cronies from the 1990s, plus a few token political hacks that made the election of the most unlikely leader in U.S. history possible. Political debts are often repaid by way of political appointments and Democrats have clearly mastered the art. But what does this mean for the average American?

[...] Change You Can Believe In?

Whether you can believe in it or not, these are the folks who will indeed bring massive change to America. Believe it or not, the more important question is whether or not American can survive them... This is a terrible time for mis-steps in America.

Obama has now named 17 of his 18 cabinet members and all but two are hard-left Democrats. Many of them are from the corrupt Chicago Machine, few with any experience in their appointed posts and all of them with a history of putting global interests ahead of American interests.

Though Obama continues to blabber on about the need for bi-partisanship and unity, his cabinet is clearly one of an extreme partisan bent. We can expect his judicial appointments and policy moves to be the same.

I find the incoming administration to be entirely frightening. However, I will join my fellow Americans in hoping that somehow, some way, through the grace of God, these people will stumble into making the right moves for the future of my country despite themselves.

Blind faith is for complete fools and unlike the propaganda machine of the modern American press; I won't call things something they are not just the keep the average American voter baffled by B.S.

Posted by Hyscience at December 21, 2008 10:03 AM

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