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December 23, 2008

Spencer: Muslims in the U.S. convicted of jihad, Muslim leaders furious -- at the government

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The Fort Dix jihad plotters are found guilty, and Muslim spokesmen in America are outraged - not at the Islamofascist plotters who politically correct apologists for the Muslim faith continue to say "hijacked" the "peaceful" (sic) religion of Islam, but at the officials who secured the convictions of the terrorists. Why am I not surprised about this! As Robert Spencer notes at the above link, the Fort Dix verdicts provide American Muslim groups who claim moderation an opportunity to demonstrate the genuineness of the claim, or to be further exposed in the eyes of the public. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know which of these two choices will emerge:
... it is useful to pause and consider how Muslim leaders could be reacting to the verdicts. Instead of hurling reckless charges of "entrapment," they could be taking the hard steps necessary to clean their own house. All these years now after 9/11, most Americans still have no idea that they need do any such housecleaning - even outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff recently told USA Today that "what we're confronting is an ideological conflict with an extremist world view that I don't think is an accurate representative of Islam, but uses the language or hijacks Islam for an extremist agenda." Yet while Muslim and non-Muslim spokesmen have spilled oceans of ink since 9/11 asserting that Islam condemns "terrorism" and the killing of "innocents," without defining what is meant by either term, no one has ever produced any examples of authoritative and orthodox Islamic religious scholars rejecting, on Islamic grounds, jihad violence against non-Muslims; rejecting the idea that Sharia law should be instituted in the Muslim and non-Muslim world; and teaching the idea that non-Muslims and Muslims should live together indefinitely as equals.

... Now is the time for law enforcement and government officials to call upon the Muslim community to institute comprehensive and inspectable programs teaching against the jihad ideology and Islamic supremacism. If they don't - and they won't - one thing is certain: there will be more jihad plots like this one in America.
Sadly, in spite of some rhetoric to the contrary, far too many Muslims are not here in America to assimilate, they are here to promote Islam and to replace our democratic society with an Islamic one under sharia law.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that although there are indeed moderate Muslims among us, far more - and especially the Muslim activist groups - are interested only in stealth jihad and/or worse. These Islamic links reveal the real Islamic agenda which is to suppress opposing views, institute punitive sharia (Islamic law), and prey on other communities for converts - all for the purpose of global domination.

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Posted by Hyscience at December 23, 2008 8:37 AM

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