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December 30, 2008

On human rights, the media, and the terrorist mindset of Hamas (Updated)

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Yes, Hamas has a terrorist mindset because it is indeed a terrorist organization, comprised of terrorists who lead and commit acts of violence upon Israeli civilians; they are not, as the media loves to portray them, "fighters," "militants," "assailants," "extremists," "gunmen" - virtually anything but terrorists or Islamic terrorists - which is, of course, exactly what they are. And as such they have no respect for human rights.

BackSpin has a reality check on Hamas' Respect for Human Rights for all you liberal progressive peaceniks piling on Israel for defending herself and attempting to clear Gaza of the Hamas terrorism apparatus (this goes especially for the WaPo). Apparently Reuters is reporting that the Palestinians in Gaza are starting to settle scores and kill collaborators. Of course you can safely bet your last dollar that little will be made of this at the UN.

BackSpin also offers a few very pertinent questions:
Will these brutal extrajudicial executions be added to the casualty count attributed to Israel?

Why is Jeff Robbins the lone voice in the wilderness decrying the suffering Hamas causes Gaza?

Have the human rights NGOs gone hoarse from making so much noise about Israel?
Apparently the UN and the NGOs (and yes, also you naive, liberal progressives) would do well to learn what's going on Inside the terrorist mind:
If you can understand why Hamas has ended its ceasefire with Israel, you can comprehend Middle East politics. And if you can't, you can't.

... From of a Western moderate pragmatist standpoint, Hamas's decision makes no sense for several reasons: - Hamas cannot defeat Israel militarily. Thus, fighting won't improve Hamas's strategic situation or bring victory. - Israeli counterattacks are causing both injuries and material damage in the Gaza Strip, inflicting big costs on Hamas's domain and subjects. - Returning to warfare will ensure Hamas remains politically isolated, blocked from international recognition or aid that would help its cause and end economic sanctions against the Gaza Strip. - Going back to fighting makes certain that the Gaza Strip faces continued, even heightened, reductions in the material let in, thus ensuring more Palestinian suffering there.

... Hamas's behaviour, an outside observer can easily conclude, seems stupid. But having built a mass movement and a sizable army, seized the Gaza Strip and amassed broad support throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds, Hamas may be composed of genocide-oriented fanatics but not fools. What then explains this apparently silly behavior?

Here's a case study of how Middle East politics really work: - Hamas really believes its own propaganda, expecting victory despite the odds. Costs and casualties are irrelevant. The battle will go on until total victory is achieved -- even if that takes decades. This indicates Hamas will not moderate. And the same applies to Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. - At the same time, Hamas is not only indifferent to its own people's welfare, it actually seeks to inflict suffering on them as a political strategy. The worse off Palestinians are, Hamas believes, the more likely they will fight and die. This "the worse things are, the better they are" ethos is the exact opposite of Western perspectives.

idroid.pngBut Hamas goes even further. It knows suffering can be blamed on Israel. Western pragmatists reason that obviously the Palestinians must prefer peace, prosperity and statehood. Rejectionism, thus, must then be due to desperation and the lack of a good offer or faith in the West. In fact, though, the situation is not due to our mistakes but to their deliberate choices. Israel; Israel retaliates by closing the border. By this definition, the fact that Hamas and its allies fire rockets at civilians doesn't allow any Israeli response, military or otherwise. This is the kind of thinking Hamas seeks to promote.

And Lo and Behold, just like mindless robots, liberal Westerners and their terrorist-adoring media fall in line to promote exactly that kind of thinking.

Israel vs Hamas: Beyond right, wrong, smart, and stupid
Hamas: Government or Terrorist Organization? (Interesting arguments via NPR - result is Hamas is a terrorist organization)

Posted by Hyscience at December 30, 2008 10:19 AM

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