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December 5, 2008

NTY 'hearts' illegal alien deported for armed robbery

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues
He's not a legal citizen and he wasn't born here. But according to the NYt it's America's fault he became a gang member and an armed robber, so he should be allowed to stay - because he can dance:
A criminal without legal status deported by US immigration officials is the subject of the latest pity party thrown by The New York Times . The Times seems to find it lamentable that this gang member and armed robber was deported from "his homeland" -- that would be the USA -- to Cambodia, the land of his birth (one he left when he was a 3-year-old). Why does the NYTimes bemoan the deportation of this thug? Why would he make a fine American despite his criminal history? He can dance, man! The Times waxed maudlin that their friend "K.K." was deported at 26-years of age ending up in Cambodia, a land with which he was quite unfamiliar. Apparently, the Times feels "K.K." is doing wonderful work there, though, by teaching Cambodian street kids how to street dance.
Never let it be said that the liberal mindset has anything at all to do with reality and common sense.

Posted by Richard at December 5, 2008 4:11 PM

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