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December 28, 2008

New wave of air strikes on Gaza: 'Israel Shatters Key Hamas Targets'

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Sky News reports that Israeli airstrikes have continued on Gaza for a second day as Israeli warplanes have bombed a "significant Hamas cultural symbol" (Sic - since when does Hamas have culture other than that of death, hate, and violence? The university's main campus in Gaza City has been used by Hamas' so-called military wing to recruit terrorists and suicide bombers, according to Israeli and Palestinian security officials. The officials said chemistry labs were used to manufacture and improve explosives for Hamas-affiliated militias.):

Via Sky News:

Six airstrikes pummelled the Islamic University as Israel widened its deadliest-ever air offensive against Hamas targets.

Some 40 smuggling tunnels running under the border with Egypt have been attacked, destroying a network that is a lifeline to the outside world.

Meanwhile more tanks and artillery have been sent towards the Gaza border, increasing the threat of a ground invasion.

Protests have raged across the Arab world and Syria has broken off from indirect peace talks with Israel.

Israel's leaders have said they will press ahead with the campaign to stop Hamas firing rockets into the Jewish state.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told Sky News that there is no option but to use force against Hamas.

She would not give an indication over how long the military operation will last but Israeli tanks have been massing on the border with Gaza as the aerial assault continues for a second day.

Up to 298 Palestinians are now reported to have been killed since the airstrikes began.

Israel has said the attacks are a response to dozens of rocket attacks launched against civilians in border towns since a six-month ceasefire came to an end last week.

In an interview with Sky News foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall in southern Israel, Ms Livni said the responsibility for civilian casualties lay with Hamas.

She said: "Before the operation we called on all the population who lives near the Hamas headquarters to leave. We are doing everything to avoid or minimise civilian casualties.

"But a war is a war, these things can happen.

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