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December 23, 2008

Macy's bans child choir from singing of 'Silent Night'

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This Free Republic poster writes that his 12 year old daughter has been part of a small choir that her piano teacher has put together and have been singing Christmas carols at different venues this last week. Yesterday, after work, he picked her up and drove her to a Macy's for a performance. As he was watching her little group do their numbers, the piano teacher's father informed him that Macy's had asked his daughter not to perform "Silent Night". And apparently, the piano teacher's father also informed the FR poster that on the previous Saturday, the children's group had sung "Silent Night" at a Starbucks, and people actually got up and left.

Does Macy's not make enough money during the Christmas season so as to recognize and honor the real reason for the season? As a poster at Free Republic so aptly notes:
At least 80% of the people in America currently are Christians.

So WHO do we have to blame? OURSELVES.

As long as we sit back and let the small minority of bigots and anti-Christians have their way, they will.

And that applies to SO MUCH ELSE in this country where we, the majority, have permitted a vocal vicious minority to inflict their views and perspectives on the Majority.

Its one thing to respect minority rights. Its quite another to allow minority opinions dominate the culture.

I know what Sam Adams, Tom Paine and the rest of them would do in situations like this, and perhaps its time we emulated them.
As for the people at the Starbucks, they're not worthy of comment. They've already made clear their degree of tolerance and their values.

Posted by Hyscience at December 23, 2008 11:23 AM

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