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December 27, 2008

L.A. Times buries truth on Hamas casualties from Israeli strike

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The L.A. Times gullibly quotes a Palestinian official in reporting that over 200 are dead after Israel retaliated for Hamas rocket attacks and in paragraphs one and two writes about the deadliest Israeli assault on Palestinian territory in years and Israel inflicting a heavy loss of civilian life in the densely populated Palestinian enclave. It even goes so far as to dutifully quote Health Ministry officer Moaiya Hassanain's estimate that one-third of the dead were civilian noncombatants and that an additional 350 Palestinians were wounded.

As for the far more likely to be truthful report from the Israeli military, it's buried in paragraphs 14 and 15:
The Israeli military said the targets it attacked included Hamas security headquarters, training camps and weapons depots. In a statement, it said the "vast majority of the casualties are terror operatives."

The military added that Hamas bore sole responsibility for any civilian casualties because it had located many of the targets "within civilian population centers."
While in fact both sides may have an element of truth, and surely the Israeli military is not beyond "tweaking" a press release to suit its own purposes, the LAT's presentation of the two sides is clearly intended to favor the Palestinians. Given that the use of the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya (concealing one's true beliefs), a concept rooted in both the Qur'an and the sunna (example) of Muhammad, is used as a matter of practice by Islamists militarily, politically and apologetically, with one thing being said in public and another in private, I'm far more inclined to believe the Israeli military's account of the events.

For a better perspective on which report is more likely to be true, read Understanding Taqiyya - Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah.

Well, Hamas, Since You Brought The Subject Up...
Lies & Distortions: How the Arabs and Their ideoogical Allies Continue To Abuse History
Re: What's at Stake in Gaza

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Posted by Hyscience at December 27, 2008 2:42 PM

Israel a malignant boils in Middle East; this is not because of the fact that Muslims are terrorist and Israel is there to control them.
Just after the Prophet Hz (SM) the Middle Eastern region was mainly reigned occupied by Muslims and these regions has plenty of natural resources like Oil, Gold, Diamond etc and Muslims were so reach in the sphere of science and technology cultures then; such as Al-chemi described many things about chemistry and that was just the beginning to build a new era that would be full of peace and serenity.
But Christians’ and Yahudis (Israeli) realized that if this continues then all the population of the world will be Muslim where many odd cultures such as pornography, drinking wine and robbery etc will never prevail and not a few casts will be the shaper of a society but perhaps people will nominate their own governance. At that time a new policy called Invasion deviddation policy were adopted and this resulted in Iraq – Iran war, war in Afghanistan, war in Palestine and many more.
What to say America’s did in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan etc, and more to say an Israeli scientist invented nuclear bomb technology that was implemented on Japanese and the outcome was remarkably devastating to human kind!
So it is clear that what the western world think about Muslim world at that time and then they try to impose new misleading and amalgamated thought on Muslims, which is called modern Muslim practicing modern Islam full of misinterpreted thought, but Islam itself is modern all through its existence.
It is stated in The Holly Quran, about Christian and Yahudies that both of them are disbelievers and they don’t hesitate to misinterpret Quran in various ways, keeping in mind that no Christian and Yahudies will ever read the Holly Quran. Along with this the media that are totally controlled by western community will never display any news in favor of Muslim.
It is a shame less activity of the western world and the Israelis that they invade and occupy the Middle East exposing to the media that they are taking action about violation of human rights / liberating / continuing anti terrorist activity etc in these regions. All the superpower having atomic power but no Muslim country will ever have that kind of power since that is potential threat to western world but in counter to this act no Muslim country will never have the right to have such atomic power for their own well being and safety from the western world; what an excuse, shame on western world.
Weapon of mass destruction was formulated by western countries and not by the Muslims and WMD selling point is mainly Middle East and especially not to make Middle East a calm and quiet place but to diminish the areal peace, which got a large news coverage as ‘Middle East Peace Process” for many years but never being resolved till today since the Muslim population is suffering and not the Christians’ and Yahudis (Israeli) children and babies are dying from any bomb blast.
The history of Israel tells us that they were the followers of Prophet Moses but before that this population group who was known as “Boni Israel” was criminal minded and killed almost 70 number of messengers for various excuse who were sent to earth by Allah Subhanahutawala to show man – kind the right path of their life, and after wards Israelis misinterpreted ‘THE TEN COMMENDMENTS’ of Prophet Moses and showed their own color and for this cause Allah Subhanahutawala cursed on them and they will never have any permanent place to live on earth.
Afterwards Israelis invaded Palestine and continue their genocide and War on Gaza is only another type of invasion what we may call genocide but not “self defense”, which Israelis are clamming.

Posted by: Abdul at January 19, 2009 8:59 AM

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