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December 27, 2008

Jihad Watch's Moral Myopia and Hypocrisy Alert: World condemns Israeli action in Gaza (Updated)

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Dave at Israelly Cool is live blogging on Israel's long overdue operation against Hamas, and appropriately points out the misplaced condemnation of Israel who has long been on the receiving end of Palestinian rockets:
Despite the fact that Israel targeted Hamas facilities and most of the casualties were Hamas terrorists, world leaders predictably condemned Israel's actions, with our "friend," French President Nicolas Sarkozy, calling Israel's response "disproportionate." Then again, I guess anything short of waving a white flag is considered disproportionate to a French leader.
Rocketfire.jpg Jihad Watch makes a damned good point: Just where were all those crocodile tears when the Gaza Islamoterrorists were shooting Kassams at Israeli civilians?

As Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pointed out today, no country in the world would put up with the rocket and missile strikes Israel suffers from and that the time had come to react. Olmert might as well also added that no country in the world, except Israel, would be condemned for responding to the rocket and missile strikes Israel has suffered from at the hands of Hamas Islamo-terrorists.

Israel Furiously Attacks Gaza -- And Braces for Reprisal (The operation came quickly -- as did the international condemnations.)
Fox in the tank (with and for Hamas)
Israel Hits Gaza (Updated)

HT - Michelle Malkin

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