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December 28, 2008

How Israel's operation against Hamas was carried out through disinformation, secrecy and deceptions

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives
"If there will be quiet it will be met by quiet. If the truce will be breached and there is no choice, we will operate in the right way and at the right time." - Defense Minister Ehud Barak
Obviously, given the results, it was as Barak described it - "in the right way and at the right time"!

More specifically, It was through long-term preparation, careful gathering of information, secret discussions, operational deception and the misleading of the public, that the IDF's "Cast Lead" Saturday morning operation successfully targeted Hamas in the Gaza Strip ... According to defense officials, the disinformation effort took Iran-supported and influenced Hamas by surprise and served to significantly increase the number of its casualties in the strike. Hamas was caught so completely off guard that, for example, one of the targets was a police academy where Hamas was holding a graduation ceremony for its newest recruits and, according to reports, over 70 Hamas gunmen were killed in that raid alone.

As for those casualties, Hamas appears to be hoping most will die in order to influence world opinion, since Egypt is reporting that Hamas is preventing Gaza casualties from entering Egypt.

According to the JP, Iran's influence over Hamas has increased in recent months and Teheran is playing a key role in the terror group's decision-making process regarding whether or not they should have extended the cease-fire with Israel - the one that they ended on December 19th.

The Most Surprising Surprise
Hamas wages Iran's proxy war on Israel (A Hamas leader admits hundreds of his fighters have travelled to Tehran)

Posted by Hyscience at December 28, 2008 10:10 AM

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