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November 7, 2008

Top Palestinian Negotiator: 'Jewish temples never existed'

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives
Temple mount.jpgIn typical Islamo-blindness to reality and in an exercise of customary (for Islamists) historical revisionism, Ahmed Qurei, the Palestinian Authority official leading all peace talks with the Jewish state, stated in a small media briefing Wednesday that was attended by a Palestinian media outlet, an Arab affairs correspondent for a major Israeli newspaper, and World Net Daily that the Jewish Temples never existed and Israel has been working to "invent" a Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem.

Apparently, Qurei has no problem with doing a bit of "inventing" of his own and has either never been exposed to factual texts (this naturally excludes the Quran - key operative word here being "factual") or has been living in a madrassa where he was force-fed Islamo-fiction 24/7 his entire life: After all, Islam wasn't even "invented" until the 7th century. Last time I checked, that's a tad later than the 10th century when the Jewish Temple was first built there.

And as WND points out:
The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism. The First Jewish Temple was built there by King Solomon in the 10th century B.C. It was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. The Second Temple was rebuilt in 515 B.C. after Jerusalem was freed from Babylonian captivity. That temple was destroyed by the Roman Empire in A.D. 70. Each temple stood for a period of about four centuries.

The Jewish Temple was the center of religious Jewish worship. It housed the Holy of Holies, which contained the Ark of the Covenant and was said to be the area upon which God's shechina or "presence" dwelt. All Jewish holidays centered on worship at the Temple. The Jewish Temple served as the primary location for the offering of sacrifices and was the main gathering place for the Jewish people.

According to the Talmud, the world was created from the foundation stone of the Temple Mount. The site is believed to be the biblical Mount Moriah, the location where Abraham fulfilled God's test to see if he would be willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Jewish tradition holds Mashiach, or the Jewish Messiah, will return and rebuild the third and final Temple on the Mount in Jerusalem.

The Kotel, or Western Wall, is the one part of the Temple Mount that survived the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans and stands today in Jerusalem.

Throughout all notorious Jewish exiles, thorough documentation shows the Jews never gave up their hope of returning to Jerusalem and re-establishing their Temple. To this day, Jews worldwide pray facing the Western Wall, while Muslims turn their backs away from the Temple Mount and pray toward Mecca.

The Al Aqsa Mosque was constructed around A.D. 709 to serve as a shrine near another shrine, the Dome of the Rock, which was built by an Islamic caliph.
Good job, Ahmed. Perhaps you might try another tack to negotiation.

Posted by Richard at November 7, 2008 5:46 AM

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