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September 3, 2008

The Incredible Anti-Republican Bias Of CNN's Coverage Of The Republican Convention (Updated)

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

During the entire Democratic convention and tonight's Republican convention I've made it a point to watch the convention coverage by both Fox News and CNN, clicking back and forth to see just how each framed their discussions about each and how fair their commentators and analysts discussed the evenings events and the message of each.

While Fox News covered the Democratic convention fairly, CNN covered it glowingly. While Fox News coverage of the Republican convention tonight was fair, Wolf Blitzer and the rest of the CNN team seized every possible opportunity to put down and criticize the Republican message and tonight's speakers - and to belittle Sarah Palin as much as possible, even though she didn't even speak tonight. Every single point and every element of the Republican message tonight was criticized, not just explained or reported, but criticized or totally framed to be negative.

It is clear to me that CNN has completely abandoned all journalistic standards and is so far in the tank for the Democratic party that to claim otherwise ignores reason and common sense.

I'd certainly be interested in what others have to say that took the time to switch back and forth between channels to compare the two networks. As for Wolf Blitzer, the man deserves to draw a check from the Democratic party for being such a strong advocate and surrogate.

Update: Eric Trager apparently saw the same thing I did in CNN's coverage of the Republican convention, and he describes it better than I do:

CNN is doing everything it can to portray tonight as a failure for Republicans. A somewhat teary David Gergen said that it merely reinforced political divisions in the country; Hilary Rosen called Lieberman a "downer"; and Carl Bernstein is complaining about a lack of specifics.

How off base is CNN? Even MSNBC is acknowledging that tonight was a success.

Then there's this blurp about the McCain camp being seriously pissed at the media in general over the coverage of Sarah Palin:
McCain Team 'Seriously Pissed' at the Press

I'm usually a fan of Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post, and he has me on his CNN program regularly. He declares, via Twitter, "McCain people are seriously pissed at the press and not bothering to hide it." Gee, I can't imagine why. They're treating the running mate's family like the stars of a deranged reality show, they've botched several key facts about her in their reporting, and several networks just ignored Fred Thompson's speech, in order to showcase their own talking heads bashing Palin.

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Posted by Richard at September 3, 2008 12:04 AM

As a clear McCain supporter, you are obviously not paying close enough attention to politics. It is pretty well known that several major news networks INCLUDING FOX are Republican party supporters, and there are few Democratic news networks. CNN is one of the few unbiased networks that forms their discussion teams out of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats and has their anchors ask only unbiased questions. Larry King may be a Democrat, but he is not part of the team that responds to political events. I'm sorry to tell you this, but if CNN coverage comes across as anti-Republican, they are just being honest.

Posted by: nonpartisan at September 6, 2008 12:34 AM

Sorry, nonpartisan, I hate to bust your bubble, but apparently you haven't been keeping up with the facts, and going back for years - more so since Obama began being touted, CNN is the most biased network against the GOP. The media, including to a lesser degree Fox, is all ate-up with white guilt and ignores black racism.

Generally speaking, on political and social issues, CNN and the BBC are indeed the worst. Fox News is by far the most balanced.

However, the glass may be half-full to some and half-empty to others. After all, clearly - the liberal mindset sees through a prism that looks at things as they think they should be, while the conservative mindset sees things as they are. I'm not saying either one is good or bad, we need both. And some individuals can even be liberal on one thing and conservative on the other.

The research scientist mind in me, methodical and very much fact related, sees racism, including reverse racism, as wrong - both ways and Blacks can be just as racist as some of the non-Blacks I know; I also strongly believe that life is sacred, all life, from conception. On the other hand I strongly believe that the poor and down-trodden should be helped, but done so in a way that sees to their most basic needs if they are unable to help themselves (disabled, aged, etc)without making them believe that they are victims and can't help themselves. I hate war, but I'm a Marine combat veteran - as is my son, and I'd give my life for my country on any day of the week. In other words, like many others, I see through both prisms.

And since my prism regarding media bias isn't all clouded up with confusion, my humble opinion is that nonpartisan isn't as nonpartisan as the name implies.

Posted by: Abdul at September 6, 2008 8:53 AM

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