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August 24, 2008

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell: Media Coverage Of Obama During Primary Was 'Embarrassing'

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Ed Rendell was supposed to give "closing remarks" during this afternoon's Shorenstein Center-sponsored panel discussion with all three Sunday show moderators - NBC's Tom Brokaw, ABC's George Stephanopoulous and CBS's Bob Schieffer - but instead, opened up on them about their bias in 2008 election coverage:

"Ladies and gentleman, the coverage of Barack Obama was embarrassing," said Rendell, in the ballroom at Denver's Brown Palace Hotel. "It was embarrassing."

Rendell, an ardent Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter during the primaries, now backs Obama in the general election. Brokaw and Rendell began debating campaign coverage, including the on-air comments by Lee Cowan, and when MSNBC came up, Rendell went after the cable network.

"MSNBC was the official network of the Obama campaign," Rendell said, who called their coverage "absolutely embarrassing."

Chris Matthews, Rendell said, "loses his impartiality when he talks about the Clintons."

At that point, PBS's Judy Woodruff, who was moderating the moderators event, said: "Why don't we let Governor Rendell sit down."

We can only imagine what he'd be saying if he was a Republican and had to endure what the GOP and McCain have had to endure from the liberal media.

Posted by Richard at August 24, 2008 10:07 PM

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