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August 2008

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August 31, 2008

Incredible Obama-related Blooper - Video
McCain Talks Palin on Fox News Sunday (good talking points for Palin supporters)
Jeremiah Wright returns: Says Obama to be first U.S. president to "have a black woman sleeping" in White House "legally"
Sarah Palin Bio SOLD OUT on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (As Republican state Senate President Lyda Green attacks her)
Fox and Friends program denigrates Governor Sarah Palin?
Hugh Hewitt: 'Would you rather have Barack Obama or Sarah Palin in charge of post-hurricane rescue and relief efforts? Who has had more experience with such situations?'
Comparing Hillary Vs Sarah
Obama Campaign Calls Clintons and Working People "White Trash"?
Alan Colmes - smear merchant of untruths
Hillary 'Disses' Bill for Obama
About that MSM (taken out of context) quote of Palin on VP duties
Another tidbit you don't know about the 'Commander of the Alaskan National Guard (Gets daily briefs on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism)
Palin to critics who believe a woman can't think and work and carry a baby at the same time ...
And in Kuwait she was 'hitting pretty close to dead center'
WaPo: Sarah Palin was no panic pick
Equilibrium in the POTUS Race?
With Palin, the GOP has their own 'The One'

August 30, 2008

The Democrat's desperate attacks on Palin
Time: ' Why McCain Picked Palin'
A side by side comparison of Sarah Palin's resume to Barack Obama's (and what the heck is a 'community organizer'?) (Updated)
About Palin's 'Experience'
Oh yeah, about that troopergate scandal ...
A Video Perspective On The Real Barack Obama
John McCain and Sarah Palin Visit the Troops

August 29, 2008

The Great Lie
What The Pick Of Sarah Palin Does
Sarah Palin's Speech Accepting The Nomination For Vice President (Updated with link to convention speech)
'Must Know' Little Known Facts About Sarah Palin
The Ticket
Palin: We Can Shatter That Glass Ceiling Once And For All
Perhaps A 'Not-So-Crazy' Crazy Prediction
Sarah Palin, - 'The Anti-Obama'
Obama's Truly Baffling Foreign Policy
CNBC and Chicago Tribune: Sarah Palin IS John McCain's Pick For VP (Updated)
Fox Says not Romney and not Pawlenty - Palin's last one standing!
Where is Sarah Palin Right Now? (Updates) (Bumped)
Muslims in federal terror probe Donating to Obama
Obama: "that's a debate I'm ready to have."

August 28, 2008

WND: 'Is Khalid al-Mansour the man behind Obama myth?'
Wow! No wonder the Obama Campaign is so desperately trying to silence NRO's Stanley Kurtz.
S. Carolina GOP ad about one of John McCain's Homes
Intrade Activity Indicates It's Pawlenty (Updated)
McCain's Mystery ad to Obama for tonight's show at the Barackopolis - revealed (Updated)
If you value your freedom of speech and love your country - and only have time to read one article today - this must be it
Obama's Theme Song should be 'the Great Pretender'
DNA Tests Confirm Caylee Anthony is Dead
Barack Hussein Obama's 'Greatest Hits'
Let's watch this again - 'A video portrait of Barack Hussein Obama'
Pawlenty? Is this for real? (Updated and Bumped)
Obama's e-mail to supporters about WGN-AM's airing of Stanley Kurtz on-air forum (Gestapo tactic to silence free speech)
Great new McCain ad: 'Remote Control' (Updated)
If I were Biden, I'd sooner hide under a rock than throw stones at McCain (Updated)
Obama wants Compelled Community Service for all Middle and High School Children

August 27, 2008

ABC News: Greek Tragedy (Dem: 'Obama temple', a disaster of mythical proportions...)
'Biden repeats Pelosi's mangling of Catholic doctrine on abortion'
IBD: 'Annenberg Challenge shows once again Barack Obama has a problem with the truth.' (Obama is a liar!)
Just Confirmed: 'Air sample tests from Casey Anthony's car show decomposing body was in trunk'
O' Hail the Messiah Lord Obama
A Temple For Obama
Uh Oh! DNC Shifts Nomination Vote To The Hotels
Come To Think Of It - I Haven't Seen Any American Flags There Either
Burlington Coat Factory Selling Communist Uniform-like Apparel
Candian Intelligence Officials Ask Muslim Leaders For Help And Are Ignored
John McCain's New Ad: 'Tiny'
Barack Hussein Obama vs. Free Speech
Strategic Vision Poll: McCain Up By 7 In Florida
Obama Speech Stage Looks Like Ancient Greek Temple
Obama's Communist Mentor Was A Child Molester
Yet Another Radical Obama Association? (Updated)

August 26, 2008

Obama Committs Yet Another Major Foreign Policy Goof
Required Reading: 'McCain Prepared Remarks at American National Legion Convention'
Have Negotiations Between Hillary and Obama "Ceased" ?
Obama calls for prosecuting GOP donor
Black Republican PAC Releases Ad Critical of Obama
Michelle Obama Used Lines From Saul Alinsky's Book, 'Rules for Radicals' In Last Night's Speech
McCain Getting Bounce During Obama Convention?
No Surrender To Obama's Fascist Thugs
Official Dem Convention Pass Features Upside Down Flag
McCain's Latest Ad: '3 AM'
Why Is Pelosi Still Allowed To Receive Communion ?
A Foiled Plot to Kill Obama (Updated)

August 25, 2008

About Michelle's Speech So Far - Chris Wallace used It First (Updated)
At This Rate We May Need A Biden Gaffe Meter That Reads On An Expandable Scale
'Full weight of the Catholic Church is coming down on Nancy Pelosi'
What Matters More - (a) How Many Houses You Have Or (b) How You Got Your House(s)?
Obama Campaign Attempting To Silence Obama-Ayers Ad
A Reminder Of What Obama Plans To Do With America - In His Own Words
Is America ready to elect a president who appreciates communism?
Obama's Lame Defense: I Was Eight Years Old
Is There No Adult Supervision At The DNC?
New McCain Ad: 'Debra'
'Leader of Muslim Brotherhood-linked organization gets standing ovation at Democratic Convention'
An Interesting Message From A Black Anti-Black Republican
The Real Michelle Obama: 'Mistress Of Gloom & Doom' (Updated)
YES WE CAN - Barack Obama - Biden 2008 Parody
Media Fail To Report That Obama And Biden Are More Liberal Than Socialist Bernie Sanders
Texas Republican Party Ad Points To Obama's Brother's Poverty (Updated)
There's 'Sacrifice' And Then There's 'Sacrifice In Obama-speak'
Why Do We Care When Joe Biden Leaves His House

August 24, 2008

Hype: 'The Obama Effect'
A Good Time To Remember Frankie Lane
Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Over Rezko Affair
CFP: Will Obama Ever Face the Press?
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell: Media Coverage Of Obama During Primary Was 'Embarrassing'
CNN Post-Biden Poll Shows Obama-Biden Ticket Gets 'Dead Cat Bounce'
Nancy Pelosi Lied On National TV About The Catholic Church's Position On Abortion (Updated)
Images Of The Circus That's Come To Denver
Apparently Biden, Like Hillary, Was At One Time 'Under Fire' Before He Wasn't
'Everything Obama and Biden ever needed to know about life they learned in the fourth grade. '
Obama And Biden: The 'Abbott And Costello' Of Our Day
Barack Obama HUMILIATES Joe Biden on DAY 1

August 23, 2008

The Latest On The Berg Lawsuit Against Obama
New McCain Campaign Theme Song Video
Rasmussen Poll: Voters (Very) Angry Over Immigration
New McCain Ad: 'Joe Biden On Barack Obama'
They Call It Obamacide
The Latest Obama Cultist Video - 'My American Prayer'
The 'Weather Underground' Ad Now Running In Virginia
So, Tell Me Obamanauts, How's That Text Message Thing Work For You! (Updated)
Does The New 'Right Wing Attack Group' Know This About Obama?

August 22, 2008

Playing The VP Guessing Game One Last Time - It's Biden
Barack Obama wants America to be more like China?
Is It Really Obama Bayh? (Updated Updates of Updates)
A Couple Of "Real" Inconvenient Truths And A Few Rants
Obama's Acorn Problem
Obama, the War, and the Wages of Returning to September 10th
Barack Obama In "Friends" Remake Illustrates His Radical, Anti-American Friends
Christian Theology Students Forced off Campus by Mob of Islamic Hard-liners
Global Warming Alert
RNC Stage Verses DNC Stage
Wives Are Now Fair Game Part 2: Stanley Kurtz On 'Michelle, Anti-American Radicals, and U of C'
So, Barack, Apparently Wives Are Back In Play!
Videos Barack Obama Would Rather You Not See
Is It Hillary?
Fact-checking The Annenberg Fact-checkers

August 21, 2008

Fox News Refuses To Run Obama-Weathermen Ad
Obama's Friend Bill Ayers On Education
'Obama Sued in Philadelphia Federal Court on Grounds he is Constitutionally Ineligible for the Presidency' - Is This For Real? (Updates)
Memo To Obama Campaign: John McCain Owns 'Zero' Houses
'Obama's Flank Is Showing'
New McCain Ad Points To Obama's 'Housing Problem"
RNC Launches New Web Site: 'Obama Rezko Shady Deal'
The Return Of 'The One'
About Those 'Two Stories" Obama Wishes Would Just Go Away But Won't (So he engages in class warfare as a diversion) - Updated

August 20, 2008

Explosive Alarming Audio Found Of Obama Arguing Against Born Alive Infant Protection Act At Illinois State Legislature (Updated)
New McCain Radio Ad: 'Millions'
Obama's Annenberg Problem Isn't Going Away (Updated)
Evidence Emerging Dems 'Annoited' Wrong Candidate: Per Reuters Poll McCain Now Up By 5 (Update - there's more)
Scientific Proof Nancy Pelosi Is A Liar
The Very Best Description I've Seen Of Barack Obama's Career Decisions (and why he's made them)

August 19, 2008

Barack Obama's 'Amazing Show Of Chutzpah'
AP Finally Discovering Chicago Annenberg Challenge Archives Cover Up
Voters Leary Of 'Amateur President' Obama
Missing The Point
Pick A President

August 18, 2008

Team Obama Admits 'The One' Lied On CBN Interview - Then Tries To Spin It In A New Lie

August 17, 2008

Global Warming Alert: 'Denver Shatters 118 Year-Old Temperature Record'
The Obamamessiah And The Adultress
Tonight At The Saddleback Forum: What Obama Claimed Tonight Was His 'Most Gut-wrenching Moment' - Never Happened! (Updated)

August 16, 2008

About That Warren Affair Tonight With McCain And Obama
Sarah Palin - Still McCains Smartest Choice For VP
Black Democrats Vs. Black Republicans (In pictures and deeds)
Obama's 'Jihad'?

August 14, 2008

Obama Donor Factcheck - Who is 'Hbkjb' And 'Jkbkj', And Where Is The City Of 'Jkbjnj'?
AP Photo Of Barack Obama's School Registration In Indonesia As Barry Soetoro And As Indonesian Citizen (UPDATED and bumped)
Obamanaut Takes Creepy to New Level
More On Pickens and Pelosi
Vigil Held For 42 Suspected Illegals Arrested in ICE Raid at Dulles Airport

August 13, 2008

'Birds Of A Feather': Powell To Jump On Obama Bandwagon (Updated and bumped)
Jules' Wife's New Book, 'Tethered'
About That Pelosi, Pickens Plan To Pick Our Pocket
AIM: 'Obama's Scandal is Bigger than Edwards''
'Barack Obama's Race Is His Primary Asset' ? (Updated)

August 12, 2008

Lieberman: Obama Has Not Always Put Country First
When A Real 3 AM Moment Came - The 'Pretend President' Blew It
John Kerry Visits Illegal Alien Hangout
''What Is Obama's Official, 'Legal' Name?''
What 'Stolen Data Tapes' Was Penn Referring To?
WaPo Destroys Dems Argument For Not Drilling
Islamist Infiltrators Among Us
The Contrast Between Obama And McCain In The Response To Russian Attack On Georgia Is Both Striking And Telling

August 11, 2008

Heard Said On Late Night News: 'Edwards Is The Father' (Updated)
New McCain Ad Mocks BHO's Celeb Status
Obama Voted Down Bill To Protect Live-born Survivors Of Abortion
Stool Pigeon Rains On Edwards' Parade Of Lies
Shale Oil To Be Developed
CFP: 'Rampant Voter Fraud by Illegal Aliens Ignored by Government and Media'
A Scandal Looms On Obama That's Larger Than Edwards'
'McCain On Why Obama Is Like A Summer Blockbuster'

August 10, 2008

On Winning The GWOT
'Marxist Momma' Heads Denver Democratic Convention
'Are the Democrats and the American People About to be Mugged by a Con Artist?'
DNC Invites Radical Islamist to Its Convention 'Interfaith Service'
Sheriff Blasts McCain For Silence On Illegal Immigration
Why Did Obama Vacation To Hawaii - And Especially, Why Now? (Update: Is the mystery about to be solved?)
Flashback: John Edwards Accepts 2007 Father of the Year Award
Michelle Obama In Nazi-speak

August 9, 2008

From Obama's 'Audacity of Hope: 'I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.'
Video Caption Contest (Updated)
Wafa Sultan on Sharia
What Voters Need To Know About John McCain
Why I'm A Conservative Republican
Mexican Anger Over Rapist And Murderer Jose Medellin Misplaced

August 8, 2008

'Communist Party USA' and Barack Obama Platforms Are IDENTICAL
Video: 'Michelle and Barack Obama INSULT America'
Now There's A 'Secret Obama Salute'?
New McCain Ad: 'Painful'

August 7, 2008

More Questions About Obama's COLB
Sen. Joe Lieberman: Iran's Activities 'An Act of War'
Obama's Strange Bedfellows
The Global Jihad - One piece of the human jigsaw puzzle (A Window on the World - The 21st Century media Revolution)
Our Second Must Read Of The Day: 'The Coming Commander: Obama or McCain' (and what it means to the survival of the civilized world)
First Google, Now Yahoo, In Tank For Obama
New Obama Ad Is A Major Blooper
New McCain Ad: 'Praised By Democrats'
Obama: 'America is ..., uh, is no longer, uh ... what it could be, what it once was.'
'Energy Journal Study (and rejection letter) proves allowing more drilling will lead to price drops NOW'

August 6, 2008

'If McCain Picks Palin, Here's the Campaign Poster That Dooms Obama'
New McCain Ad: 'Family'
Obama Throws Muslim-Outreach Adviser Tied To Muslim Brotherhood Under The Bus
Muslim Writer: 'You Still Can't Write About Muhammad'

August 5, 2008

Senator Obama, ' When will your documents and records be made available?' (Update - Was Obama's "birth certificate" forged with sister Maya's original?)
Mychal Massie: If The Company Barack Obama Has Kept (as in the dirt he has aligned himself with) Doesn't Tell You He Is A Marxist Reparationist - Then Listen To The Words From His Mouth

August 4, 2008

Question Of The Day: 'Is Obama accepting donations from Palestinian brothers living in the Gaza strip ?'
CNN: Momentum for U.S. Offshore Drilling Helping Drive Down Oil Prices
New Ohio Republican Party Web Ad On Oil
Obama Racist Video Clip found - He Cynically Criticizes White Christian Groups Helping Rebuild Katrina
Comatose Patient Glad Parents Didn't Listen to Doctors' Recommendation Of Euthanasia
Obama's New 'Pocket' Ad Is Complete Distortion Of Facts (Mitt Romney Says Obama 'Stooped To Dishonesty)
The Housing Project Obama Created As State Senator Brings Up Questions About His Ethics
The Very Best Ad For John McCain - Ever!
Dhimmitude 101: Tyson Foods in Tennessee Replaces Labor Day with Eid al-Fitr
Obamamania - A Case Of 'Having Crossed The Line From Mere Mood Disorder Into The Realm Of Psychotic Delusion
Suicide Of A Nation - Lebanon To Legalize Hizbullah Militia

August 3, 2008

Obama Runs Like A Scared Rabbit From Town-Hall Debates With McCain
Young Barack Hussein Obama Sought And Received Advice On Life From Marxist - MSM Attempts To Sanitize His Communist Mentor
Obama, Pelosi, Democrats Playing With Oil And America's Future

August 2, 2008

Obama - Less About Substance And More About Marketing
I Do Love This Ad
Obama's Stunning Hypocrisy In Reversing Position On Offshore Drilling (Video)

August 1, 2008

On Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: 'Obama And Pelosi Want To Drill Americans Instead Of Drilling For Oil
Former Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson Defends McCain Campaign for Moving To Fend Off Obama Race Card (Video)