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July 23, 2008

Jihad in China

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After several problems with Muslim Uighurs and the links between Chinese Xinjiang province with the Taliban, consented by the Chinese Government, China does not want any kind of problems due to the hosting of the Olympic Games. But yesterday two buses exploded in China leaving three people dead. Chinese authorities have considered the attack as terrorism, although investigators labelled it just as a "sabotage".

The news appeared in French newspaper Le Figaro, so I beg your pardon for any mistakes in the translation:

«Les gens sont très secoués. Ca a créé un choc, que ce genre de chose puisse se passer ici, à Kunming», a confié un employé d'hôtel.
People are very shocked, because of this kind of thing happening here in Kunming, has said a hotel employer. Crédits photo : AP

Is the terrorism specter, agitated by Peking before the Oympic Games, going to be a reality? Two bus exploded on Monday morning, in less than an hour, in the center of Kunming, the Yunnan's capital, a Chinese South-West province. The explosions which took place in the morning's peak time, have killed two persons (Note: this morning another one died as a result of the explosions) and wounded another 14. The first explosion, at 7 o'clock in the morning, killed a woman and wounded 10 people. The bus, which had the windows blown to pieces and the seats absolutely destroyed, was stopped just in front of a hospital. The second happened some time after, in the same avenue, killing a man and wounding four people.

The police cordoned off both places after the explosions and began controlling the identity of all the people in the city to find the authors of the attack. The authorities have been persuaded that it was a terrorist attack, although the investigators have only denounced it as a sabotage.

This hypothesis, presented as a certainty by the authorities, appears after Chinese authorities have considered for some weeks the terrorist menace, specially from the Muslim province of Xinjiang to justify the strict security measures regarding the Olympics. In April, Peking announced the dismantlement in that province of two terrorist groups which were plotting to commit terrorist suicide attacks and kidnapping foreigners from the "Olympic villas". In July, the authorities announced the arrest of 82 "terrorists" who belong to a turco-phone ethnia.

Le Figaro - International : Chine : deux bus «sabotés» explosent.

El Corriere reports there were three people killed in the explosion:
Vittime e feriti dopo le esplosioni su tre autobus a Kunming, capoluogo della provincia dello Yunnan, Cina. Sale l'allarme a tre settimane dall'inizio delle Olimpiadi di Pechino (Reuters)
The place of the explosions after the attack, courtesy of Italian newspaper Il Corriere (Reuters)

Posted by Eurabian at July 23, 2008 11:37 AM

Thanks for this news (terror, not just sabotage) and thanks for the trackback.

Posted by: Debbie at July 23, 2008 2:42 PM

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