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July 2, 2008

Fundraisers for Al-Qaeda detained in Spain

Topics: Eurabia, Islam And The War On Terror, War on Terror

From BFFW:

The detained were Algerian-born and were linked to terrorists in United Kingdom. British agents have been cooperating with Spanish counterterrorist services in the development of this operation, named "Emir". Since 2005, the Spanish Civil Guard was following the steps of this cell who was sending funds for terrorist organizations linked to Al Qaeda since 2005 in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Algeria. The arrested (in Huelva, Lepe, Azcoitia and Isla Antilla) obtained the funding by selling different falsified products, among all documents and wearing outfits. They used to send it in small amounts, always under 2,400€ to avoid investigations from banking authorities.

Once again the reality needs to be considered plainly. Even if Zapatero ordered the troops to leave Iraq in 2004, there are people operating inside Spain committed to Islamist terrorist activities. Arresting and condemning them is important and necessary but it's not the only task for them to do: I know Zapatero's Government is not going to do it, but they should fight the Islamist ideology relentlessly. If not these episodes will lead to more terrorist attacks even in Spanish soil, whatever these fundraisers specially were planning to do.

Posted by Eurabian at July 2, 2008 11:07 AM

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