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June 5, 2008

SCOTUS Asked To Stop Gay Indoctrination (So bizarre that it boggles the mind)

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lynch.jpgHave the courts in Massachusetts lost all common sense and sense of right and wrong? Are all family values, in the view of the courts, now taking a back seat to the homosexual, gay, and transgender agenda?

Judge Sandra Lynch (image) says those who are concerned over civil rights violations (as in having your elementary school children force-fed homosexuality and transgender topics while denying parents rights of consent, opt-out provision, or even notification before or after the fact!) - "may seek recourse to the normal political processes for change in the town and state." This after District Judge Mark Wolf had ordered that school officials' work to undermine Christian beliefs is needed to prepare children for citizenship, and if parents don't like it they can elect a different school committee or homeschool their children:

[...] (WorldNetDaily) The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked review a case in which parents are objecting to the actions of a school district where officials are trying "to systematically indoctrinate young children into disbelieving core ten[e]ts of their families' faith."

The case on which WND has reported previously involves Massachusetts father David Parker. His Boston law firm, Denner Pelligrino LLP, now has filed a cert petition with the U.S. Supreme Court asking for a review of January's ruling from a federal appeals court in Boston.

[...] Those conclusions, according to MassResistance, a pro-family organization following the case, "have been so bizarre that it boggles the mind."

Parker, his wife and another couple have been trying to bring a federal civil rights lawsuit against school officials and others in Lexington, Mass., but have run into a massively funded campaign by nationwide groups promoting homosexuality.

"At issue is the teaching of homosexuality and transgender topics to elementary school children while denying parents rights of consent, opt-out provision, or even notification before or after the fact!" wrote MassResistance.

[...] "The school department, led by Supt. Paul Ash, has stated in school publications and in the media that they will not compromise on any of those points."

The case developed in 2005 when Parker learned of the pro-homosexual indoctrination plan in the school.

"After a long series of meetings with Estabrook Elementary School officials regarding ... teaching homosexual issues to his son in kindergarten without parental consent, David Parker finally told the principal and the city's director of education that he would not leave until the school agreed to negotiate some agreement on the matter. Rather than negotiate, the officials had Parker arrested and brought to jail, where he spent the night. The next morning he was led into Concord District court in handcuffs," MassResistance reported.

The lawsuit was launched in 2006 after a teacher in the same elementary school read a "homosexual romance" book to the Parkers' son, again without notification or consent.

The request for Supreme Court review noted the questions raised in the case have not been answered in previous cases. Those include: "Whether objecting parents have a constitutional right to opt their public school children out of, or even to receive notice of, undisputed government efforts to indoctrinate kindergarten, first and second grade school children into the propriety, indeed desirability, of same gender marriage."

Also at issue is whether those schools' "open and specific intention to indoctrinate ... children into disbelieving core tenets of their families' deeply held religious faith constitutes a burden on the families' free exercise of religion."

[...] The legal brief notes the families are not trying to impose their beliefs on others or control the school curriculum.

But, "it should be clear that the First and Fourteenth Amendment[s] guarantee parents the right to exclude children from having their true and deepest faith indoctrinated out from under them. The state cannot compel families to govern their intimate lives in accord with a government-created ideal."

In this case, the school was acting "on behalf of a special interest group intent in asserting its private views," the brief said.

Continue reading: Supremes asked to stop 'gay' indoctrination - Parents say stealth lessons undermine Christian faith.

"So bizarre that it boggles the mind," is an understatement.

American should be very afraid of the liberal-progressive agenda. Very afraid, indeed. As for what we've known to be our core values and beliefs, far-left Democrats and judges like Sandra Lynch and her ilk are out to undermine them to the point they no longer exist.

It seems the "core" questions we need to ask ourselves are to what extent we the people are going to allow this to continue - given our propensity to elect politicians with no core values like our own, and do we have any hope of reversing the trend - again, given our propensity to elect politicians with no core values like our own. Let's face it, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not queer and do not believe in any aspect of the queer lifestyle (no apologies for my lack of political correctness). While most Americans are willing to turn a blind eye to their shenanigans, no matter how one cuts it is a deviant behavior that we don't want our children indoctrinated into.

Where we go from this very low point that we've already come to - depends upon us and the people we elect into office and the extent that we are willing to stand up and be heard over the very loud voice of the highly-funded lobby of the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

Posted by Richard at June 5, 2008 6:52 AM

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