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June 18, 2008

Muslims with headscargs barred from picture at Obama event

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First of all, this is America, not Saudi Arabia or Iran. Blend in, Muslims, join us, and stop the "in your face I'm a Muslim" BS - dress like the rest of us or go naked!

Now, that having been said, given Obama's propensity to stage everything - including his acute need for a teleprompter to tell him what to say in order to stay on the Marxist/ talking points under the veil of a populace message, his history of making sure mostly white faces appear in the background, and Muslims obvious support for Obama, it's no surprise that he'd hide his Muslim supporters from view:

Two Muslim women at Barack Obama's rally in Detroit Monday were barred from sitting behind the podium by campaign volunteers seeking to prevent the women's headscarves from appearing in photographs or on television with the candidate.

The campaign has apologized to the women, all Obama supporters who said they felt betrayed by their treatment at the rally.

"This is of course not the policy of the campaign. It is offensive and counter to Obama's commitment to bring Americans together and simply not the kind of campaign we run," said Obama spokesman Bill Burton. "We sincerely apologize for the behavior of these volunteers."

Building a human backdrop to a political candidate, a set of faces to appear on television and in photographs, is always a delicate exercise in demographics and political correctness. Advance staffers typically pick supporters out of a crowd to reflect the candidate's message.

When Obama won North Carolina amid questions about his ability to connect with white voters, for instance, he stood in front of a group of middle-aged white women waving small American flags. Across the aisle, a Hispanic New Hampshire Democrat, Roberto Fuentes, told Politico that he was recently asked, and declined, to contribute to the "diversity" of the crowd behind Senator John McCain at a Nashua event.

Indonesians report Obama was more active as a Muslim than he admits.

Posted by Abdul at June 18, 2008 12:16 PM

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