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June 21, 2008

God Erased At The New World War II Memorial In Washington, DC. (Updated)

Topics: Multiculturalism
"... yesterday, December 7th, 1941--a date which will live in infamy--the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. ... With confidence in our armed forces--with the unbounding determination of our people--we will gain the inevitable triumph--so help us God. - from the Infamy Speech delivered on December 8, 1941, by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt, one day after the Empire of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor.
The new Memorial has left off the words, "so help us God"!

Clearly, as Stop the ACLU notes, "no time-honored symbol of our traditional shared values is to be spared from the cold steel scalpels of political correctness and multiculturalism. They are taking away our dignity and our history and our language and our pride. And now they are taking away our God."

Update: Reader "Iceman" writes in to say that although Snopes tilts lefty and,whenever possible, puts a lefty spin on things, it almost always gets basic facts correct, and says the quote is from a different part of the speech that doesn't have "so help us God" in it. While this offers one possibility, it doesn't remove another possibility that a sentence without God was chosen over one with God.

Posted by Abdul at June 21, 2008 1:52 PM

So forget about "walk like an Egyptian" it's revisionist-history-in-stone like an Egyptian???

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