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May 25, 2008

Iran Paid Iraqi Jihadists To Kill UK Soldiers

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... let's just call this another reason for the Coalition to show that they know the difference between "holding" Iran accountable for killing its troops and supporting terrorism, and making Iran accountable for killing its troops and supporting terrorism: Iran 'paid Iraq insurgents to kill UK soldiers'

Iran has secretly paid Iraqi insurgents hundreds of thousands of American dollars to kill British soldiers, according to a leaked government document obtained by The Telegraph.

The allegations are contained in a confidential "field report" written by a British officer who served in Basra during one of the most dangerous periods of the conflict. The report, which has never been made public, shows the full level of Iran's involvement in the insurgency for the first time.

The document states that the Jaish al-Mahdi (JAM) - also known as the Mahdi Army - one of the most violent insurgent groups operating in Basra, used money from Iran to recruit and pay young unemployed men up to $300 (£150) a month to carry out attacks against the British. The findings have been passed to the highest levels in the military.

The leak comes at a time of rising tension between Iran and the international community, as Tehran continues to stonewall UN inquiries into allegations that it has carried out research to develop a nuclear weapon.

How can a reasonable mind argue in favor of Iran being allowed to continue waging war on the U.S. and Britain, killing and maiming our troops, without suffering severe actual repercussions? Has the West completely lost it's common sense? Has the West lost its willingness to defend itself? When are Iran's leaders and military going to be made accountable for their actions?

Lest we forget, while the West slept, Lebanon has been taken over by Iran's proxy - Hezbollah, and they saw it coming well before it happened. Way back in November 2006 the U.S. saw Iran and Syria as being involved in a plot to bring down the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora of Lebanon - and did nothing to stop it. During the same period of time, the West has done absolutely nothing about stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons and killing American and British forces.

At this rate, what's next to fall to Iran without Iran ever having paid the price that would have stopped them in their tracks?

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Posted by Mike in Iraq at May 25, 2008 10:25 AM

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