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May 14, 2008

'Far Out' Video Of The Day: Oprah, Obama, & Wright -- The Gay Trinity Of Hell

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He's Back: Pastor Manning says Oprah, Obama, Rev Wright are 'Trinity of Hell'...
I've categorized this as "entertainment," rather than anything to do with politics, and I hesitated to put it up but am doing so since it's already been linked by Drudge and put up at another blog.

As John Hawkins (Right Wing News) notes, "Where did he even come up with this stuff?"

This video isn't nearly as entertaining as this one, in which Pastor Manning calls Obama a "Mac Daddy" and a pimp.

I'm beginning to think that Pastor Manning doesn't plan to vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

Sort of Related: Obama: America's first Gay President?

... his aggressive support for the radical homosexual activist agenda in America is a part of the overall picture of who he is.

In this way he may be more "gay" than Clinton was "black" - and by a wide margin at that.

For all the shell game that Obama was able to juggle in the run for President to date on the issue of his real, underlying views on the radical homosexual agenda - this week he removed all doubts.

In an alarmingly pointed written statement Obama signed his named to the personal promise of greater advance against the institution of marriage of any candidate to ever run for the highest office.

In the below video, Obama talks about his position on two issues important to conservative Christians - abortion and gay marriage.

Also "sort of" related:
Obama Promises To Dedicate Presidency to Homosexual Activism
Obama's Gay Gold Mine

Sidebar: Obama surely seems to be associated with a lot of issues related to the homosexual agenda.

Posted by Richard at May 14, 2008 10:30 AM

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