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May 6, 2008

Commies, Marxists and Other Leftists With Stinky Feet Who Support Obama (Updated)

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I've been trying to refrain from posting anything on Obama today, I'm actually fed up with even hearing his name and all the Marxist, racist, socialist, pseudo-post racial crap associated with his campaign and the people that are either purposefully blind to what he really is or are simply naive enough to support him.

However, as Ace frames it (title of this post borrowed from Ace), there's a whole lot of commie ninnyhammers backing the Chosen One - along with a few cacafuegos...., that everyone really needs to know about if we are to avoid having this guy and his Marxist friends in the White House.

As Rezko Watch points out, Obama has been acting as if the American public does not have the brains to figure out what he stands for. Truth has taken a bit-time beating in the media coverage of Barack Obama's presidential campaign up to now, and what is needed is a close examination of Barack Obama's associations which means opening a window on the American Left and observing the deep divisions in the movement:

[...] looking beyond his connections to an entire network of hard-core Maoists -- looking to his connection to a Kenyan warlord, to a pastor who as much advocates the violent overthrow of the US government, to a Chicago political fixer with ties to the Baathists -- the true picture of Barack Obama slowly emerges.

Throughout his adult life, Obama has been drawn to people who are essentially fascist in their outlook, people who find the democratic process too messy and slow to bring about change, people who believe in manipulating the system of democracy to undermine its principles in order to grab power.

To call this "guilt by association" is to ignore that the associations were Barack Obama's choices, and that the choices guided his career as both a political organizer and politician.

All this is bad enough. Then there's the terrible thought of having Michelle Obama as First Lady!

Posted by Richard at May 6, 2008 2:30 PM

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