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May 2008

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May 31, 2008

News Flash: Obamas quit Trinity United Church of Christ (after 20 years and only after they've been outed as far out liberal freaky whackos)
Petition to Defrock Father Pfleger (Pfather Pfreaky)
Barack HUSSEIN Obama: 'Like Dan Quyale Only Dumber'
Vatican Will Excommunicate Women Priests

May 30, 2008

Houston Public School High School Students Given Islamic Indoctrination: Taught 'There Is One God - Allah'
The 'Greatest Hits Of Barack Obama's Men Of Bad Faith
Was ACORN Obama's First (Political) Love? How Has Obama Gotten This Far Without The MSM Exposing His Significant Marxist Ties?

May 29, 2008

Barack Obama Ran On A MARXIST PARTY Line in 1996
More Over-the-top Incredible Hate Speech At Barack Obama's Church
Nancy Pelosi: Iran's Useful Idiot.
IAEA to Iran: Explain 2004 Documents For Building Nukes
Former Saudi Info Minister Explains Dialogue With Jews And Christians: 'You Know That The Books You Have Are Not The Divine Gospel And The Divine Torah'
Statue Of Obama's Foreign Policy Thought Process Unveiled
The Expected Soros-McClellan Connection To McClellan's Bush-Bashing Book
Update On The 'Recession' We Keep Hearing About From The Dems And 'Their' Media
Video: Hillary An Independent?
Oops Again: Obama's Claims In Speeches About Gramps' Engaging In Combat Apparently Contradict Senator's Autobiography, Army Records

May 28, 2008

'Looming Disaster': The Lieberman-Warner Cap-and-Trade Climate Control Bill.
Barack and Michelle Obama's Black Nationalism, In Their Own Words
Obama's 'Sniper Fire' Moment: 'He Lied In His Address To The Graduating Class At Wesleyan
Obama Will Sit Down With Iran, But Won't Visit Iraq ?
Video: What Obamamessiah Could Learn By Visiting Iraq And Talking With General Petraeus
Some Disturbing Points About Obama

May 27, 2008

Disgusting Video: McCain Memorial Day Ad Only Celebrates Hispanic Service Members
Editor of Syrian Government Daily: Israel Is a "Poisonous Mushroom"; "[Its] Rightful Owners Are Capable Of Uprooting It - If Not Today Then Tomorrow": Meanwhile, Olmert Strikes Up Kumbaya With Syria
Obama sees DEAD PEOPLE
Obama Picks Up Critical Castro Endorsement
Internet Warrior Rallies Women to Support Al Qaeda
Late Posting Excuse

May 26, 2008

Did Iraq Make Us Less Safe - As B. Hussein Obama Says?
Jimmy Carter - America's Worst President And Traitorous Former President
Media Continue To Ignore B. Hussein Obama's Troubling Communist Ties

May 25, 2008

The Fall of Lebanon: May 21, 2008 A Date Like December 7, 1941 And September 11, 2001 That Should Now Live In Infamy
Obama's Parallel Thinking And 'The Fall of Lebanon' '
Iran Paid Iraqi Jihadists To Kill UK Soldiers

May 24, 2008

You Have To Be Kidding! Wimp Obama taunts McCain about 'Endless Diatribes about Obama's inexperince' ? (A Politically Incorrect Opinion)

May 23, 2008

Marine Rat
Ofra Haza - Middle East
Band Opening for Obama in Oregon Frequently Uses Soviet Anthem
Speechless On The Hill (Updated)
Wimp Obama To McCain Over BHO's Lack Of Military Experience: (Stop Your) 'Endless Diatribes And Schoolyard Taunts'
Jewish Voters Confront Barack Obama On His Close Association with Former PLO Operative Rashid Khalidi
Dems 'Heart' High Gas Prices (Updated)

May 22, 2008

Life On Mars?
Study Says Celery's Brain-Saving Pigment May Fight Alzheimer's And Multiple Sclerosis
B. Hussein Obama's Embracement Of The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology
Yet Even More Obama Positions On Iran

May 21, 2008

Is $12-15-a-Gallon Gas 'Inevitable' ?
On Jihad And Euphemism: Calling Radical Islam By It's Name...

May 20, 2008

Fox: Senator Ted Kennedy Has Malignant Glioma
Double Your Gas Mileage By 'Hypermiling'
Obama's Naivete' In Foreign Policy Fast-Becoming A 'Horrid Display Of Diplomatic Incompetence And Dishonesty'
Pakistan Just Might Finally Be Getting Serious About Cleansing Tribal Areas Of Extremists

May 19, 2008

Turkish Ambassador to U.S. Calls Iran "a threat to Turkey as well as to the U.S." (Updated)
What is ABC News Thinking?
Memo To Obama: Stay The Hell Out Of My Personal Life (Updated)
Thin Skinned Obama "Whining" Once Again - The Cry-Baby!
B. Hussein Obama Equals Cry Baby
Today's Must-Read Post: Obama's Assessment of the 'Tiny' Threat From Iran, Venezuela, Cuba

May 18, 2008

Democrats Recycling Communist Art Themes
Names Of Over 31,000 American Scientists Rejecting Theory Of Anthropogenic Global Warming To Be Revealed Monday

May 17, 2008

Laura Ingraham Blasts Olbermann for Calling US Troops "Cold Blooded Killers"!
Mr Hope And Change Just A Copycat
Moqtada al-Sadr Under Arrest In Iran?
John Q. Public Sees Obama, Looks Deeper, Finds Snakeoil
Mark Steyn: Obama an appeaser? How dare you

May 16, 2008

Obama: Stealth Socialist?
VIDEO PROOF Clintonista James Rubin Lied About Interview With McCain
Obama Caught In Another Blatant Lie
Obama Met With One Of Hezbollah's Most Important Imams And Agents In America
Barack Obama More Afraid of U.S. Than Its Enemies
The Worst Republican Senator ?
Alert: Shania Twain And Husband Separating After 14 Years
Climate Control: A Costly Proposal

May 15, 2008

Michelle Obama's ''Proud'' Vs. "Really Proud''
New Obama "Ad" For Kentucky (Satire)
Judges In California Decide The 2,000 Year-old Tradition Of Marriage Means Absolutely Whatever The Hell You Want It To Be (Updated)
Today's 'Truism Of The Day' - In Response To Team Obama's Response To President Bush's Comments
The Two Faces Of "Black Janus" Obama: A Man Who Will Say Anything To Get Elected To Carry Out A "Hidden Agenda"?
RNC's Web '2013' Ad Could Just As Well Apply To Obama (Updated)
McCain's Speech Outlines Why His Base Will Stay Home On Election Day
The Democrat's Energy Plan Took Us From $57 To $126 A Barrel
Broaching That 'Other' Off-Limits Obama Topic - His Father's And His Step Father's Religion
Bush Administration Placed Polar Bears On 'Threatened Species' List Despite Population Rise

May 14, 2008

Obamamessiah - A Man For All Terrorists
Resuscitating The GOP - Time For A New Direction
Carteresque Obama Taxes
Global Warming Tutorial That The Liberal Media (And John McCain) Should be Required to Take
Memo To McCain And The GOP: Playing Mr. Nice Guy Looses Elections
Kent County, Mich. GOP Releases Obama 'Surrender Ad'
Obama Goofs On Iraq And Afghanistan
'Far Out' Video Of The Day: Oprah, Obama, & Wright -- The Gay Trinity Of Hell
On 'Race Cards and Speech Codes' (Updated)

May 13, 2008

Ignorant, Mean, Gun-owning, Bitter, Uneducated, Racist, White People In West Virginia: 'Hillary, You Go Girl'!
Political Correctness Run Amuck: 'See no jihad, hear no jihad, speak no jihad'

May 12, 2008

Obama's True Nature Exposed: Brags About Muslim Upbringing, Desire For Unconditional Talks With Iran, And Calls Israel 'A Constant Sore That Infects. Foreign Policy'
Cheap Tomatoes - an English teacher speaks out!
Retiring IDF Air Force Commander On Striking Iran: "Nothing Is Impossible"
You've Got To Be Kidding !
Obama Comes Up With Patriotism For Campaign In West Virginia
Iran Revolutionary Guard Caught Fighting for Hezbollah In Lebanon
What Must Obama Do To Win The General? Lie To The American People And Pretend He's Not What He Is - A Dangerous Marxist, Black Nationalist, Liberal (Updated)
Jimmy Carter And Harvard Take Saudi Money And Help Hoster Of Telethons For Suicide Bomber Families Islamise America
While Lebanon's "300" Resist Hezbollah, The West Sits On Its Hands

May 11, 2008

Radical Muslim paramilitary compound flourishes in upper New York state
Todays Change Of Pace Redux - Ofra Haza: If Only Her Message Of Peace In the ME Were Heeded
Saudi Arabia Held 'Fantastic Forum' To Discuss Women's Role In The Workplace
History Books In U.S. Public Schools Promoting Islam
What Did Obama Know And When Did He Know It ?

May 10, 2008

Obama Campaign Introduces Customized American Lapel Pins In Honor Of Extra States

May 9, 2008

Our Choices For President And The Choices They've Made
Prayer Day For Muslims: 'Oh Allah Kill Them (Jews and Americans) Down to the Very Last One'
More On Obama's Improbable Arguments
Andrew Sullivan: Vote For Obama Because Brown-skinned People, Hamas And Iran Love Him
Beirut Falling into Hizbullah Hands

May 8, 2008

Lebanon Explodes
OPEC: 'There is Clearly No Shortage of Oil in the Market'
On Juan And John, And Money
The 'Unthinkable Motive' Of Liberals (Video)
WaPo On Obama: ''he has done his share and then some of telling people what they want to hear''
Why Has NASA Been Cooking Data In Order To Support Al Gore's Global Warming Hoax?

May 7, 2008

Welfare, "Fatherlessness", And The Destruction Of The Family Unit In The Black Community
Is The Gasoline Shortage Politically Contrived?
Did Obama Lie About His Muslim Childhood? (Updated)
On black issues, Obama plays the white card
Canadian Invasion Due To Failings Of Socialized Medicine
Obama's Distortion Of History
World Nightmare: Iran Could Have Nukes By Mid-2009
Whatever Happened To McCain's 'Security First' Promise On Immigration Reform?

May 6, 2008

Michelle Obama Says 'Amen' As America's Angriest Would-be First Lady Wowed 'em in Charlotte.
Novel Device Shows Great Potential in Detecting Oral Cancer
Michelle Obama's 'Gospel Of Bitterness'
Commies, Marxists and Other Leftists With Stinky Feet Who Support Obama (Updated)
Common Sense From John Bolton: US Should Bomb Iranian Camps
Secondhand Smoke Exposure Can Cause Cell Damage In 30 Minutes
Misplaced Muslim Priorities
"Let Them Eat Biodiesel?"
Video Message To Liberals: Pick A Side In The War On Terror (The Side That Doesn't Want To Kill You)
Let 'Juan' McCain Know How You Feel About His Meeting With La Raza (Updated)

May 5, 2008

US, EU Asked To Rethink Biofuel Goals As Food Prices Soar
Your Fat Cell Numbers Remain Constant Throughout Your Life
Bad Move By McCain
As goest Israel , Also Goest The Rest Of Us
Hezbollah Training Iraqis Militias At Secret Site Near Tehran
How The Obama Campaign Uses 'Image Manipulation'
Is Obama 'Buying' Superdelegate Support With His 'Goldmine'
The "Frank" in Young Obama's Life

May 4, 2008

Meet 'And Get To Know' The Angry Obamas

May 3, 2008

"The Saudis' Secret Agenda"

May 2, 2008

The Truth About Tuskegee And The Lie Of Black Left-wing Paranoia
Can You Sue A Snakeoil Salesman?
Bad News (For Democrats): Jobless Rate Falls
Here We Go Again: Meet Obama's ''New'' Pastor
Contrary To What Democrats And Jeremiah Wright Want Americans To Believe

May 1, 2008

Accepting Michelle's Invitation
On 'Wright's Wrong' And Obama's Response
Robert Spencer Addresses ISNA's Attack On McCain For Calling Islamic Terrorism - Islamic Terrorism
Despite Claims To The Contrary, Obama 'Did Inhale'