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April 27, 2008

Who Is The Real Barack Hussein Obama Hiding Behind The Empty Suit? (Updated)

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One has to wonder if Jesus and His Disciples had been present when the so called "Reverend" Wright committed the sacrilege of taking the Lord's Name in vain to vehemently and repeatedly "God Damn America" during his sermon - in what is "supposedly" the Lord's Temple, of all places; and during what was "allegedly" the Lord's Service, of all times - if they would have acquiesced the Reverend's despicable remarks and stayed to hear him spew the rest of his vile blasphemy - as Obama has for twenty years - or would have quietly gotten up, left the church, and as prescribed by Jesus to His Disciples in Luke 10:11 tell Reverend Wright and his Congregation: "Even the dust of your city [Trinity Church in this case] which clings to our feet we wipe off in protest against you..." I cannot imagine the Jesus that overthrew the tables of the money-lenders in the Temple in Jerusalem, and ran them away from His Father's Temple, would have done any less, upon hearing Rev. Wright's vile message of entrenched resentment, racial bigotry, and hate... purportedly in none other than that same Jesus' name!

Of course, let us be realistic and realize that such so called "Black Churches" as Trinity, and the ones where other so called "Reverends" as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the rest of their Civil Rights "Eternal Black Victimization Niggerhood Welfare Pimps" comrades profess to preach the "Gospel," are nothing but fronts for black political meeting houses, and their goals are political: black power, black ethnocentricity, black dominance, and redress, rather than "spiritual." It is about time the IRS looks into these "Black Churches" and calls them for what they are, instead of continuing to grant them "tax-free" status for them to use to promote their black Marxist agendas, and in the case of Rev. Wright allow him to build himself a ten million dollar mansion for him to go live amongst the "rich white devils" at the taxpayer's expense! Racial-mongering hypocrite, why doesn't Wright move instead into the slums or the "Projects" alongside the poor, doped-up, uneducated, resented blacks he preaches to, and purports to represent!

But back to the point about sitting at the pews at Trinity. Even if Obama did not personally agree with some of the teachings of Rev. Wright, whom he has called his "mentor" and "spiritual advisor" and will not disown, the fact he has sat at Trinity for well over twenty years listening to and absorbing all the outrageous, vitriolic, hate-mongering, anti-American comments and statements made by Rev. Wright throughout the years, and not walked away indicates that he believes as Rev. Wright does (God Damn America!), or at the very least tolerates the Reverend's rants because he rationalizes and excuses them - "it's a black thing." Either way, it is alarming that this is what apparently really lurks behind the carefully polished image, and the articulate rhetoric of Obama's "Empty Suit."

Rev. Wright himself admitted in his infamous interview with that other paragon of Marxist anti-Americanism, Bill Moyers, that "He [Obama] says what he has to say as a 'politician'...I say what I have to say as a Preacher" and shrugged it off as if confident that Obama thinks and feels as he does, yet must say otherwise, and put up a false front in order to have naive voters (the same "oafs" he referred to with condescension as "embittered, holding to their guns and religion" in San Francisco, behind closed doors, amongst his gay, Latte-drinking, "Elitist" friends) vote him into power!

If you add to this not only the slips Obama has made that have let us catch furtive glimpses of his true, darker (no pun intended), nature, that hint at what he truly believes in and stands for, to the scarcely veiled contempt for America his resented privileged negress wife Michelle can ill- keep contained when she speaks - resembling more in her mannerisms and rhetoric tin-pot dictator Hugo Chávez, than a gracious "First Lady" - it ought to become clear to all but the most deluded "Obama-Moonies" that this man is not what he wants us to believe he is, and that behind his message of "New Hope" lie more sinister, and ominous, motivations and radical agendas.

The fact that Hamas, Ahmadinejad, the Islamofacists, and other terrorists and dictators the world over, such as Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, Kim Jong-Il, et al, either openly support Obama or have expressed the hope he's the one that wins the presidential election, should be a terrifying warning sign of how much they believe Obama to be sympathetic and or beneficial to the advancement of their causes! Just read some of the comments they have made - here, here, and here.

And then you have the statement made by Ahmed Yousuf, Hamas' top political advisor in the Gaza Strip, who in an exclusive interview with WND and with the John Batchelor Show on WABC Radio, New York, said: "We like Mr. Obama, and we hope he will win the elections." Mr. Yousuf went on to say:

"I hope Mr. Obama and the Democrats will change the political discourse. ... I do believe [Obama] is like John Kennedy, a great man with a great principles. And he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community, but not with humiliation and arrogance."
When asked about Obama's assertion in the campaign trail that he will "defend" Israel Yousuf said that's only playing American politics and "I understand American politics and this is the season for elections and everybody tries to sound like he's a friend of the Israelis," insinuating that Obama really is for Hamas in the same manner Rev. Wright stated Obama had to say what he had to say to get elected, yet appeared confident his "disciple" inwardly believes as he believes: "God Damn America - God Damn Israel and the Zionist Jews"!

Need anyone say more?!?!

I have never made such comments before and I'm somewhat reticent to make them now. I am not over-religious, but some times I get a nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see all the "Obama-mania," all the fawning media hysteria, the women swooning and fainting at his rallies and holding hands together as in prayer with tears in their eyes in his presence, all the hype about his "New Hope", and all the frantic Obama "worship" with his being portrayed in such "Messianic" imagery, that the false persona Obama portrays to the world eerily resembles the "suave", "persuasive", "Messianic-like" (False Messiah), description of the Anti-Christ - that will sweep untold beguiled millions into following him and lead them astray - in Revelation, and that will gather the nations of the earth against Israel.

Just look at some of the outrageous "Messianic" imagery with which Obama has been surrounded; this, ironically, about a man who, by the desultory way he spoke of religion as the result of "bitterness" in those he feels are less "enlightened" and inferior, in San Francisco, seems to imply that religion is something you will "grow out of" with secular "prosperity and enlightenment" ...

Note the white woman on the right holding the sign with "Change We Can Believe In" having a pseudo-religious ecstatic orgasm at seeing Obama, and if you scroll further down you'll see teary-eyed young white girls holding hands together as in prayer in his presence - makes you wonder if it's a subliminal, instinctive, compulsive libido, to expand their "inbred" gene pools!

Again, the true Obama is the one who sat for twenty years in the pews at Rev. Wright's Church of Black Socialism, anti-white racial bigotry, and racial hate-mongering, absorbing Rev. Wright's vile message in acquiescence if not embracing it, and is the one presidential candidate who, alarmingly, is supported by the Islamofacists and the terrorists: Hamas, the Palestinians, Ahmadinejad, Al Qaeda, Louis Farrakhan, unrepentant terrorist "Weatherman" Bill Ayers, and every tin-pot dictator from Castro to Kim Jong Il!

One is forced to shout from the top of the mountain: "How can this just be coincidence?!?!" Isn't it obvious the reason all these despots, tin-pot dictators, Islamofacists, terrorists, racial hate-mongers, and all who hate America, support or favor Barack Obama is because they all feel, at the least, that an Obama presidency will further their agendas and or political goals, and at the most, that he shares with the enemies of America and Israel their twisted "values," "goals," and (God help us!!!) their "vision"?!?! It is truly scary, and yes, one has to wonder if Obama may not be the portent of the end-times!

One has to wonder if the real reason Jimmy Carter went to meet with Hamas was to pave the way for the surrender of Israel to its Arab neighbors once Obama is in power!

One thing is certain, no matter what Barack Obama, to quote his mentor Rev Wright: "has to say as a politician", he's no friend of Israel. I wonder how many naive American Jews will be swindled by the lofty oratory of this most ominous of political con-men, Barack Hussein Obama, into voting for him, while in his heart of hearts he roots for the enemies of Israel! It is sad, God help Israel... and us all!!!

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The full video of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's now-infamous "God Damn America" sermon has been posted by Fox News here, in three parts: Sermon Video Presents Obama's Former Pastor in His Own Words.

Watch the whole thing--because despite the outcry from mainstream media and Obama supporters (there's a difference?) that Wright's vile comments were taken out of context, when you watch his complete sermon it's even worse.

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Posted by Althor at April 27, 2008 3:54 PM

Good post.....

Terrorists "heart" Obama, Marxists "heart" Obama, naive socialist-leaning Dems "heart" Obama, and foolish misinformed independents "heart" Obama. But no one "hearts" Obama more than Obama "hearts" Obama.

Posted by: Abdul at April 27, 2008 10:04 PM

Indeed. By their friends shall ye know them.

Edit note: "Juts read some of the comments they have made - here, here, and here." Just just; Juts juts out as a typo. ;)

Posted by: Brian H at April 27, 2008 10:23 PM

For those who would further delve into what would appear to be the true more sinister Obama upon closer scrutiny, vs. the "sugarcoated" false persona he portrays to the gullible American electorate, the following article on American Thinker of April 28, 2008, by Ed Lasky, is a true gem. Very well researched. A bit lengthy because of the wealth of information, but invaluable as a source, and extremely accurate and erudite. A must read:


Posted by: Althor at April 28, 2008 9:27 AM

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