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April 30, 2008

The Party of Defeat

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Phil Orenstein's piece at FrontPageMag is my suggestion for today's must read. Here's a few excerpts:

[... ] At no other time in our nation's history, other than the period of the Civil War when Democrats supported secession and slavery and Republicans championed freedom, have we been so politically divided. Political unity in wartime has always been an article of faith as rival political parties during the Cold War era upheld the axiom "politics stops at the water's edge." Bipartisan unity prevailed even during the Vietnam War as both parties supported the war effort for over a decade and were in accord on military withdrawal when victory seemed no longer possible. Whether we are for the war or against it, we can all agree that it should not be used as a political football for the advantage of one political party over another.

Yet for the first time, opposition to the War in Iraq has become an obsessive partisan effort to lose the war and discredit our Commander in Chief. Wartime bipartisanship has been thrown under the bus. The Democratic Party leadership has crossed the line from constitutionally protected dissent and opposition to willful sabotage. The antiwar opposition is not just the radical fringe and loony leftists marching in the streets burning effigies of President Bush, but has now morphed into the Democratic Party in toto.

[...] It is apparent that the war is being won in Iraq by our brave men and women soldiers in the United States Military. But the war on the home front that has divided our nation, sabotaged the war effort and undermined our Commander in Chief and America's moral, rages on and on. These are the great battles to be fought here on the home front by American patriots who dare to challenge the conventional wisdom that the war in Iraq has been lost. This is our challenge to the Democratic Party - the Party of Defeat.

Continue reading: Phil Orenstein's The Party of Defeat

Related: Introduction to David Horowitz and Ben Johnson's new Book Party of Defeat:
The object of war is to break an enemy's will and destroy his capacity to fight. Therefore, a nation divided in wartime is a nation that invites its own defeat. Yet that is precisely how Americans are facing the global war that radical Islamists have declared on them.
The enemies who confront us are religious barbarians, armed with the technologies of modern warfare but guided by morals that are medieval and grotesque. Their stated goal is the obliteration of America and the conquest of the West. They have assembled a coalition that includes sovereign states such as Iran and Syria, Muslim armies such as al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas, and terrorist cells that are globally dispersed and beyond counting.

This jihad has access to biological, chemical, and possibly nuclear weapons. It actively threatens the regimes in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Turkey, and Egypt. Among its allies are non-Muslim states such as the Communist regimes in North Korea, Venezuela, and China. Its enablers include Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the vast political networks of the international Left.[1] Its pool of sympathizers and supporters can be counted in the hundreds of millions, and its political fronts are embedded in almost every nation and every continent, including Europe and the United States.

Hat tip - Democracy Project

Posted by Richard at April 30, 2008 12:58 PM

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