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April 14, 2008

Researchers: Vitamin D And Calcium Influence Cell Death In The Colon


Scientists at Emory University studying how vitamins and minerals in the diet can stimulate or prevent the appearance of colon cancer have found that supplementing the diet with calcium and vitamin D can influence colon cancer risk. Their findings on biological markers that could influence colon cancer risk will be presented in three abstracts at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in San Diego:

[...] In a clinical study of 92 patients, supplementing diet with calcium and vitamin D appeared to increase the levels of a protein called Bax that controls programmed cell death in the colon. More Bax might be pushing pre-cancerous cells into programmed cell death, says Emory researcher Veronika Fedirko, who will present her team's results.

[...] Bostick and his colleagues demonstrates in a 200-patient case-control study that high levels of calcium and vitamin D together are associated with increased levels of E-cadherin, which moderates colon cells' movement and proliferation.

[...] A third abstract on the same case-control study to be presented at the same meeting, shows that high levels of iron in the diet are linked to low levels of APC, a protein whose absence in colon cancer cells leads to their runaway growth.

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