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April 28, 2008

Reminiscent Of The Tower Of Babble: Our 'PWNED' Citizenry

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According to the biblical account, Babel was a city that united humanity, all speaking a single language and migrating from the east; it was the home city of the great king Nimrod, and the first city to be built after the Great Flood.

Danny Carlton has a must-read up over at, written back on the 24th of this month. After noticing a story in the news a while back about some school kids who attempted to build a Legos "replica" of their version of what they perceived the Tower of Babel to look like.
As Danny notes, the real lesson from the Tower of Babel appears to have been lost on these kids as well as the reporters, because the real story is much different than the superficial image most have, and has to do with living under a centralized government vs. living under decentralized control. In other words, he believes our attitude toward the government should be like the way one should have toward alcohol. Useful and even enjoyable in moderation, but extremely dangerous in large quantities - the opposite of the way our liberal progressive friends on the left envision for the rest of us:
A man named Nimrod grew to become powerful and controlling. He ruled over several cities but as people began to spread out, he realized his control over them would weaken the further away they traveled. His plan was to build one tall building in one of the cities he ruled to set that city as the central part of a worldwide government and by persuasion or force, bring all the people of the earth into that and the surrounding cities to be ruled by him. The tower he built was described in the best way they knew to describe something tall, "...whose top may reach unto heaven...". They weren't actually trying to build a tower that would allow them to reach heaven, but to built a government that would have an iron control on people through a centralized location.

Sound familiar?

The younger generation have coined a new concept "owned" which they sometime spell "PWNED" ( the P symbolizes someone sticking out their tongue). It means to be so badly conquered that your victor now owns you and can even gloat about it.

The lesson of Babel is one we desperately need to learn today. In almost every issue the division comes down to centralized v. decentralized control. Each issue is define in whether you want to be free or pwned. A centralized government wants to pwn you, a decentralized government doesn't.

Gun Control. The surrender of our personal safety to the government means the surrender of our will to the total control of the government. A centralized government wants that. A decentralized government would depend on the individualism of the governed to cover much of what the centralized government demands to do. Last year people stood by while a 91-year-old veteran was beaten severely. The mindset that "it's not my job" is so ingrained already that we can sit by and watch an act like that and assume the "wise" thing to do is to wait for the police. Where's your gun? Where's your individualism? Are you free or are you pwned?

National Security. It's obvious that the eventual plan by Liberals is for a centralized world government. Under Bill Clinton our troops were put under UN commanders and required to wear UN insignias. One, lone soldier took a stand and was court-martialed. He stands out as a hero who refused to be pwned. Under GWB our troops have not been required to become UN soldiers so the problem has been delayed. But for how long? A strong national defense means that we stand against those that would tear down our national sovereignty. How long until America itself is pwned?

Taxes. Who needs money if the government takes care of everything? Right. A decentralized government needs much less money than a powerful, controlling centralized one. Besides, the less resources the individual has, the less likely he is to fight the control of a centralized government. Also, a tax system that punishes the wealthy means an economy that must be propped up by an increasingly powerful and controlling government. The wealthy create wealth for the middle and lower class. Taxing them forces the middle class to virtually disappear and the now, much-larger, lower class to depend on the government for their survival. The promise of bread and circuses in exchange for our freedom means we are pwned.

Continue reading: The Tower of Babbel And A Pwned Citizenry.

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Posted by Richard at April 28, 2008 7:09 AM

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